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On the one hand, the Statistical Office of the European Union has prepared statistics on how much money EU households spent on food (excluding alcoholic beverages) in 2021. As written, across the European Union, households spent a total of 1035 billion euros on these products, but There was a significant difference between the Member States in terms of the percentage of expenditures that were spent on this.

On average, food made up 14.3 percent of household expenditure, but the proportion was much higher in Romania (24.8 percent), Lithuania (20.4 percent), Estonia (19.9 percent), Poland and Slovakia (corresponding to 19.6 percent).

In Hungary, the proportion was slightly lower, but still above average: in this country, households spent 17.8 percent of their expenditures on food.

The lowest rates were usually measured in the most developed economies, such as Ireland (8.3 percent), Luxembourg (9 percent), Austria (10.9 percent), Denmark and Germany (11.8 percent).

Alcohol purchases are also above average

In addition, another statistic was prepared about how much households spend on alcoholic beverages. Across the EU, this equates to a total of €128 billion (which is 0.9 percent of the EU’s GDP).

On average, 1.8 percent of household spending was spent on alcoholic beverages in the European Union, but a much higher proportion than that was measured in some member states, including Latvia (5 percent), Estonia (4.7 percent) and Poland ( 3.7 percent), as well as Lithuania and the Czech Republic (equivalent to 3.6 percent).

Proportionately, the least amount of money was spent on alcohol in Italy and Greece (1 percent each), the Netherlands (1.3 percent) and Spain (1.4 percent). According to data provided by Eurostat.

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