Index - Economy - Customer services for public utilities will be closed from Monday

Index – Economy – Customer services for public utilities will be closed from Monday

From Monday to March 22nd, the Hungarian Office of Energy and Utility Regulation (MEKH), ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ energiacég and MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt. – Posted by MTI to MTI on Saturday. According to MEKH

Customers with a prepaid meter can still top up their electricity bill at grocery stores and newspaper stores.

MEKH invites consumers to contact customer services only in really urgent and important situations, and to use online interfaces of service providers where possible, in light of the expected increase in phone traffic.

Employees of service providers can continue to perform meter readings and prompt maintenance of consumers’ properties, with maximum compliance with sanitary regulations.

ELM-ÉMÁSZ wrote in its statement that since many people will be working and studying from home in the coming period,

The number of downtime planned by the company is reduced.

Additionally, they require their customers to provide their meter readings via digital channels. The statement emphasized that the primary goal of the energy company remains to protect the health of its customers and employees.

The E.ON Group requires its customers to enter the meter reading via the mobile app. Those who have recharged their energy card will be notified at customer service by phone customer service to the nearest grocery store or newspaper where they can recharge. The company’s experts will review and reduce pre-planned blackouts with power cuts one by one over the next few days.

EON pays special attention to the continuous power supply to switching off points

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Highlighted in Communications. About pre-planned network maintenance, and power outages Here You can be aware of.

MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt offers its customers to use an app called MVM Next Áramapp in addition to the usual digital platforms.

Until April 7, 2021, MVM Group is undertaking a voluntary moratorium on retail customers who receive one-stop service

To facilitate work and study at home. The utilities wrote that the works necessary for the safe operation of the electricity and natural gas network will continue to be carried out by the companies in compliance with the appropriate protection measures.

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