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Index – Economy – Coldplay did something in Budapest that blew our minds

Index – Economy – Coldplay did something in Budapest that blew our minds

Thanks to Coldplay fans, traffic data at accommodation venues in the capital has increased significantly. In addition to the huge local and international interest, the British band also gave three concerts from June 16 to 19 at Puskás Arena, which our newspaper reported on.

According to data from the National Tourist Information Centre, Budapest accommodation providers managed to register more than 110,000 guests and 200,000 guest nights during this period. Compared to the week before the parties, the number of guests increased by 35 percent, and the number of nights spent in the capital’s accommodation increased by about 30 percent.

Most of them came from the United Kingdom.

Foreign guests accounted for 88 percent of the traffic. Based on data from the National Tourist Information Center, the countries from which the largest number of people came were grouped:

  • From the United Kingdom (9%),
  • From Israel (9%),
  • From the United States (6 percent)
  • Germany (5 percent) reached the capital at that time.

Compared to the week before the concerts, the number of international guest nights increased by 33 percent.

The huge tourist impact of Coldplay's performance is evident in the fact that there was only a 1 percent difference in the number of nights spent by foreign guests between the same period last year and the previous week. But this year, the proportion of nights spent by international guests has increased by more than a third compared to the previous week in accommodation in the capital.

– Laszlo Konyed, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, pointed out that major global sporting and cultural events are extremely important for tourism, as they have a long-term impact that goes beyond the immediate increase in traffic.

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Coldplay put Budapest in the spotlight

“The social media posts shared by the band and fans reach an incredible number of users all over the world, who can thus draw attention to Budapest, and whom we may also welcome as guests in our country next time,” MTÜ CEO confirmed in a statement sent to our newspaper. What this proves, he said, is that

Coldplay, who have 26.5 million followers on Instagram, are talking about Budapest's landmarks on June 22 and A video from the party was shared. In 3 days, more than 3 million people watched it and more than 170 thousand people liked it.

Additionally, three other Budapest-related posts received around 850,000 likes, and the hashtag #coldplaybudapest received over 4,200 shares.

In addition to hotel guests, a very large number of people traveled to Budapest for just one day at this time. According to the data, compared to the same period last year, the number of domestic one-day visitors increased by 37 percent, and the number of foreign visitors by 148 percent during the three Coldplay concerts.