Index - Economy - Butcher Group is building a luxury hotel in Croatia

Index – Economy – Butcher Group is building a luxury hotel in Croatia

Located in Icici in Opatija, Opatija, Croatia, this luxurious 5-star hotel offers 180 rooms and 12 apartments. As part of the project, a pedestrian bridge will be built over the nearby sea, as well as the construction of an access road and a drainage system for rainwater from the Ucka Mountains.

The 22,000 square meter real estate project will also include the construction of an underground garage and a five-storey car park, which will be available to local residents as well as guests. Plans also include landscaping the area, as well as fountains and cafés.

Lőrinc Mészáros confirmed that this is the group’s largest investment in Croatia after the football academy in Osijek.

“Through the leading rural hotel chain in Hungary, the Mészáros Group has already gained a lot of experience in tourism, both in terms of development and operation. Our long-term plans have been to take advantage of this experience abroad. Thanks to the designers of the beautiful building, but without the help of the local authorities. And as the mayor, this was not possible. With the acquisition of the Miramar and Riva Hotels and Resorts, our investment will amount to 100 million euros, and I hope more will follow,” said the great Hungarian contractor at the construction opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, DDG founder Dennis Secgan said:

Through this project, Icici can enjoy the taste of luxury tourism, in which the region will also flourish with a new gathering place. We started the project three years ago, with work starting we have 24 months until the grand opening.

Fernando Kerigen, Mayor of Opatija said: “When I left for mayor of Opatija, my vision was Opatija, which prides itself on elite tourism and value-added products. The local government unanimously supports this project. The tourist season is coming soon, we have already reached about 200,000 guest nights and I hope To be better than in a record 2019 year, which will undoubtedly give investors more confidence,” the mayor said.

Riva Hotels and Resorts is scheduled to open its doors to tourists in 2024.

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