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Index – Economy – Boeing’s annual GDP fell to a smaller country last year

Index - Economy - Boeing's annual GDP fell to a smaller country last year

The US Boeing Group closed last year with a record loss: It was forced to incur a loss of $ 11 billion and $ 940 million by 2020, even though the company could have made a profit of $ 636 a year earlier, MTI reported. Last year, revenue fell 24 percent to $ 58.16 billion, also due to the delay in purchasing new aircraft due to reduced air traffic due to the epidemic.

The $ 6.5 billion write-off in the fourth quarter related to production of the new 777X was a one-time heavy loss. This wide-body aircraft, according to the company’s latest forecast revealed on Wednesday, will only enter service sometime in 2023, three years after the original date. The 777X is the largest version of the world’s largest twin-engine plane, the successful Boeing 777 Mini Bombo.

Next-generation Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have been grounded after two crashes in six months: Lion Air in October 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019. In both crashes, 346 people were killed. The Boeing 737 Max aircraft got its permission to return from the US competent authority last November after the company spent billions of dollars to redesign the plane.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) also agreed, on Wednesday, to return the 737 MAX jets to European air traffic. “We are quite certain that the aircraft type is safe, however the organization will continue to closely monitor the operation of the 737 MAX aircraft after their relaunch,” said Patrick Key, EASA Chief Executive Officer.

Reuters informations In accordance with the European Union license, the British Aviation Safety Authority has also granted a license to replace the 737-ES MAX. This was the first independent decision by a British authority since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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