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Index – Economy – Apple mistakenly transferred 254 million Hungarian forints to a Hungarian user

Index – Economy – Apple mistakenly transferred 254 million Hungarian forints to a Hungarian user

Apple mistakenly refunded HUF 254 million to Hungarian Apple Pay user HVGAccording to the screenshot sent to the company, the incident occurred a few days after the company started refunding customers who were wrongly charged.

However, at the expense of the user who sent the image. Not to mention hundreds of millions of forints, there was no amount before the wrong transactions.So it seems that not only discounts, but also repayments are not going according to plan at Apple.

Previously, Apple Pay had deducted a total of HUF 7,169 from the person concerned, for the first time by mistake. He transferred HUF 84,623,371 to his account, and then received the same amount twice more. So in total The sender of the image received HUF 253,870,113 from Apple by mistake. The amount was frozen and deducted from the account after an hour, but the transactions that were deducted from it were also refunded.

Hundreds of thousands of incorrect transactions occurred.

As we wrote before,D apple On June 26, due to a technical error, a large number of local customers initiated payments with unsupported cards. A total of 780,000 transactions were carried out, worth about HUF 2 billion. H550,000 forints were withdrawn from a gyik user through 74 transactions in 5 minutes, then his bank blocked his card.

The issue has affected almost all banks. In its announcement, MNB wrote that compensation is already underway in the Apple case, and all those involved will receive compensation for unauthorized fees. They added: The Central Bank It will launch an extraordinary investigation to find out whether individual institutions have acted in accordance with legal requirements when receiving and compensating customer reports.