Index - Economy - Another young Hungarian has been added to Forbes' success list

Index – Economy – Another young Hungarian has been added to Forbes’ success list

Since 2011, Forbes’ editorial desk has compiled a “30 Under 30” list of the 30 most successful young adults under the age of 30 in 13 different categories. Last year, Dávid Mészáros, founder of agricultural technology company Smartkas, and Dóra Pálfi, founder of start-up Imagilabs, were added to the list, and we both interviewed them.

Now again, a Hungarian girl, Julia Sohajdeh, has managed to achieve the same thing In the financial category 30 under 30. Vespucci Partners in her contacts Wrote: Julia Sahgda pursued her higher education “among other things” in the United States at the University of Southern California (Profile published on Forbes He also studied at Corvinus University in Budapest). He soon had the opportunity to make use of the knowledge he had acquired thus far.

After his studies, he started working for the California venture capital fund, now known as Group 11, and soon later started his own company. Vespucci Partners founded a venture capital fund manager in 2019 with Péter Macher.

The company invests in early stage technology startups, and its goal is to create a kind of bridge between innovative companies in the Central and Eastern European region and international startup markets, while also focusing on the United States as a Hungarian-American hybrid company.

I am extremely proud that my colleagues and I have founded an investment company that not only provides financial support but also provides smart capital to our startup founders, as well as a real opportunity to succeed in international markets.

The Hungarian girl said earlier.

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