Index - Economy - Amazon has suspended shipping from Europe to Hungary

Index – Economy – Amazon has suspended shipping from Europe to Hungary

Nothing can be ordered to Hungary regarding French, German, British, and Amazon interfaces telex More readers. If someone wanted to ship something from the French or German Amazon to Hungary, the system would not allow it, instead suggesting an alternative solution, such as shipping to Slovakia. However, you can still order from Amazon in the US without a hitch.

The problem affects Kosovo outside Hungary. Amazon answered Telex’s question:

It is true that we have temporarily suspended delivery to Hungary so that Amazon can comply with the new Hungarian tax legislation. We will try to re-secure orders to Hungary as soon as possible.

According to the newspaper, the company’s decision may be linked to the cancellation of the duty-free treatment for products valued at less than 22 euros at the European Union level as of July 1. All shipments are subject to customs procedures that can increase the number of daily procedures by up to a hundredfold. Since the current situation only occurred in Kosovo alongside Hungary, it is likely that there will be a situation in Hungary regarding the epidemiological situation. With a special tax on retail Linked, as companies with annual net sales of 500 million HUF do not have to pay special tax, but international online retail sites such as Amazon do.

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