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Index – Economy – Although the favorite of the Hungarians is back, it has become incredibly expensive

Index – Economy – Although the favorite of the Hungarians is back, it has become incredibly expensive

As is known, the production of the famous biscuit brand, the classic Pilot sandwich biscuit, has been restarted at the Székesfehérvár factory in Győri Keksz Kft. Mondelez group member, at the end of April.

According to a previous company statement, the Pilot, made with the original and unaltered recipe, will be delivered to Mondelez’s retail partners starting in mid-May.

By the beginning of July, the popular sandwich cookie will be available in most retail units across the country.

But for now, biscuits are not cheap, because in most places you can get a 180-gram cylindrical package, containing about 10 pieces, for more than 800 HUF – Pénzcentrum summary Based on this they also added that the cost of the pilot is 849 HUF in Auchan, Tesco and Kifli.

Not spared from inflation

In Hungary, inflation is over 20 percent, and food is the most expensive. Homemade biscuits cost 70 percent more than last year. According to preliminary information, in addition to the energy crisis, there have been problems with production capacity.

As well as a shortage of raw materials and packaging materials.

Although there was a shortage of items in the Hungarian stores in the previous months, the profiteers appeared immediately: they sold every last product at brutal prices on various advertising sites. Someone asked for 10,000 forints for two packages of sweets.

Legendary candy

Pilot biscuits were produced in the 1960s and, according to legend, were made for the Hungarian airline Malév. Sandwich biscuits are one of Hungarians’ favorite biscuit products, a dessert that evokes nostalgic memories for generations, and remains very popular among consumers to this day. In 2021, fans bought approximately 5.47 million of them.

Pilota sandwich biscuits were initially produced at the Győri Keksz factory in Győr. Biscuits, including that of Pilótá, have been produced at the Székesfehérvár factory in Mondelez for 27 years, nearly 10,000 days. In addition to Pilóta sandwich biscuits made in the Linzer production line, Győri Sweet, Pilóta vanilla rings and Győri Otthon homemade biscuits are also produced in this factory.