Index - Economy - After a 12-year break, the train runs again all day between Fehérvár and Komárom

Index – Economy – After a 12-year break, the train runs again all day between Fehérvár and Komárom

The Secretary of State in charge of Transport recalls: Passenger trains were stopped on this section of the route more than 12 years ago, in December 2009. Traffic started again the following year, after a change of government in 2010, but so far one or two flights are running Only here daily. David Fezzi added that the schedule could be extended later based on experience.

Interoperability remains in the tariff system, and valid Volánbusz Zrt lanes along the line are still accepted by the MÁV on trains.

The Budapest-Székesfehérvár-Tapolca . line will continue to be modified

The fall schedule change – just like the change in July – mainly includes expansions on regional lines on which only a few trains were running. For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated on his social media page that according to the amendment effective from August 29, a two-hour schedule will come into effect throughout the day on the Nyékládháza-Tiszaújváros line, and 8 pairs of trains will run on the Villány-Mohács line every day .

There will be further modifications, for example, on the Budapest-Sixfervar-Tapolka line: the passenger train that leaves from Balatonfüred at 5:50 in the morning runs to Budapest all year round. On the Kaposvár-Siófok line, the two new pairs of passenger trains that were introduced for the summer period from Siófok to Tab and back will remain throughout the year.

Besides the MÁV-Start, the schedule for Volánbusz is also changing in some regions, as indicated by the Foreign Minister. The most significant development affects Szekszárd and its surroundings, where, with the integration of domestic and intercity flights, there will be a more intensive service at the county seat, and at the same time, travelers can reach several points of interest in the city directly.

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