Index - Economy - Adjusted medical wages create tensions

Index – Economy – Adjusted medical wages create tensions

Compared to the original plans, the government postponed the deadline, and on March 1, 2021, the new legal law on health services came into effect, which will completely reshape working conditions for workers in the sector at home, from taking second jobs. To salaries.

It might be the case that doctors must apply for permission to rent out their homes.

Despite the arrival of doctors ’salary increase in early February for doctors working in hospitals and clinics, there is still great anger in the profession, the index at least received a desperate message from those affected during the week.

The problem is that even though the deadline is dangerously close, doctors have yet to see their future employment contract, which will put them in this new legal relationship designated for the health services.

Days info Zoltán SzabadThe head of the Hungarian Medical Association also confirmed to the index that this is a typical public problem at the national level, with the exception of the University of Pécs. Moreover, until the introduction of new rules for bringing in cesarean delivery in home health care was postponed from January to early March, specialists were supposed to receive contracts as early as November.

It’s one thing we don’t know yet about the planned contracts, however, the medical community still has a number of questions about the new health service relationship.

– says the expert.

The still controversial problematic issues in which professional organizations await the dissolution of the new Hungarian Healthcare High Authority, the General Directorate of the National Hospital (OKFŐ):

  • The new statutory law on health services does not clarify exactly how years of service are to be calculated, based on doctors ’classification and determination of their new salaries.
  • While the new system examines the length of service of general practitioners and their assistants not in years but in months when calculating salary increases, hospitals start with a method of calculating the civil service law, and not uniformly there, so the medical community is not sure exactly which method is correct.
  • The numbering in the law was changed, so that older doctors who had not undergone professional examination were placed in a lower salary category in several places, which was clearly unfavorable from the viewpoint of the doctors involved.
  • For a doctor who is about to take his second exam and work in his new field, such as a laboratory doctor from an internist, there is a hospital in which his first test is not taken into account and is classified as an unqualified doctor with up to two categories of wages.
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On January 21, Girjeli Golias, the chief of the Prime Minister’s office, spoke as a concrete decision on raising the salaries of general practitioners, paediatricians and dentists, which has now been published in the form of a government decree.

A particularly sensitive point is that wage increases in different segments of the medical community, regardless of occupation, can be achieved in a predictable manner, on equal terms and to some extent.

Zoltán Szabad stresses why it is especially important that no family doctor or colleague working in a hospital feels like a second-class citizen of the profession. To do this, all reps want a standardized way to calculate the same training time and conditions. Many doctors are still not sure which salary category they will be classified into.

The future most popular practice community

According to the president of the Hungarian Medical Association, based on the comments, the loser, the fellowship and the relative, the so-called form of the union will be the most popular among the services of the general practitioner. (As also discussed previously in the Index, GPs’ salary increases are largely dependent on what they announce by February 28, whether they will join, and if so, what kind of community of practice.)

When clinicians choose a union from the so-called privileged or close community of practice, the new members do not have to create a new and separate company, but the GP’s current practices sign a union agreement.

If European Union bids are available as well as local state bids, the bid money won will go to that union, whose style has not yet been recognized; Payment will likely be made through the doctor’s company that leads the community of practitioners.

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Another form of a close community of practice has been incorporated, whereby the same general practitioners, paediatricians, and dentists equally maintain their individual firm and business, i.e. the actors create a common healthcare provider to collaborate to some extent, and additional resources are directed through this joint venture. They will be able to pull it off.

In comparison, they are represented in the UMP They put everything in commonAnd create a joint project together. It is also important to mention here that communities of practice can only be formed within a region, with the participation of at least five actors. Those who choose any type of advanced practice community are eligible for a 100 percent wage subsidy.

The 80 percent wage subsidy comes when the professionals are grouped into a fourth elective version, which is a more coherent community of collective practices than before. At this time, general practitioners form a set of practices under the leadership of the regional university leader, but they cannot apply for EU funding like this.

Those who totally reject the new concept of government are not compelled to enter the community of practice with their peers, however, and can count on only a 30 percent wage subsidy. However, the amount of the increase for GPs, paediatricians, and dentists also depends on the number of years the GP has worked in the profession.

Are you sure your TB is fine?

We have collected the most important rules regarding health service contribution.

(Cover Photo: Nurses and doctors visit the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at the Korányi National Institute of Lung Diseases on February 18, 2021. Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)

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