Index - Economy - A trade union for wages has been formed in the capital

Index – Economy – A trade union for wages has been formed in the capital

Unions operating in public utility companies in the capital were satisfied with the delay or non-payment of wage increases.

Several employee interest groups have formed a wage union to join efforts with the owner, the capital’s municipality and its companies: to provide resources to increase employee wages this year.

– written by Word of the people. The actions expected from the association, as well as its negotiations with the capital, were coordinated by Laszlo Cordas, president of the Hungarian Federation of Trade Unions.

They also require those working with clients to receive the vaccine first.

The founders – the unified transport union of the BKV and BKK, the urban public transport trade union, the Budapest transport union, the FKF, FŐKERT, FTSZV, F TradeKÉ, the local and urban economy workers union. Present at BUDAPEST KÖZÚT 2000 – invite unions operating in the public services company in the capital to join the wage union, if they believe it is unacceptable not to increase the wages of the employees they represent this year.

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