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Index – Economy – A German company in Hungary is preparing for a huge development

Index – Economy – A German company in Hungary is preparing for a huge development

Announcing the investment by Germany-based Körber Hungária, the Ministry’s Prime Minister reported that the factory specializing in the production of food and tobacco machinery will expand its capacity and increase its efficiency as part of the development worth more than HUF 5.6. one billion.

He informed that within the framework of the project, which receives state support worth HUF 850 ​​million, the company, which employs about 1,200 people, will build a solar park. He noted: Hungary has the second largest location of the concern, with more than twenty-five production centers on four continents, and there was a lot of competition for the investment that had just been announced.

This also confirms that businessmen are meticulous people, especially German businessmen, and that they make their decisions based on experience, not press reports. As long as Hungarian-German economic cooperation is based on reality, it will continue to develop, as we can see now here in Pécs.


He then stressed the importance of the project in terms of economic growth and maintaining full employment, as well as the sustainability aspects that the government considers important.

Peter Szijjarto emphasized that during the past decade or decade and a half, the world has moved from one crisis to another, and a new order has begun to emerge.

Our goal here in Hungary is not just to survive these crises, but to be stronger after each crisis than we were before

– Tell.

“When we include Hungary’s economic allies, it is clear that Germany comes first, as investors from Germany make up the largest investor community today, and we also have the largest trade volume with Germany,” he added.

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The Minister pointed out that Hungarian-German economic cooperation is constantly strengthening even during crises, which is one of the main reasons why our country was able to emerge from difficulties stronger.

He announced that: Within the framework of the investment promotion system launched in 2014, 187 investments of German companies have already been supported in the amount of 4,000 billion Hungarian forints.

Meanwhile, according to his information, the volume of bilateral trade exceeded a record 67 billion euros last year, and may reach 70 billion euros by the end of this year, which is also helped by the fact that in 2023, after China, the second largest investment in Hungary. It will come from Germany.