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Index – Economy – 586 million HUF go to the bus lanes of Budczy

Index - Economy - 586 million HUF go to the bus lanes of Budczy

Hungary’s Minister of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, responsible for media and international presentation, announced that the government is supporting a planning contract for the development of bus lanes in Budaxi worth HUF 586 million.

Tamas Minzer, who also lives in Bodaksezi, said that more and more people are moving to nearby settlements, Tilke, Patti and Bodagini, in parallel with the increase in traffic and the number of motorists. Sixty percent of those who travel to Bodaxi still choose bus transportation, which means 2,000 people per hour during peak hours.

You can get to Budapest from Budakeszi in 50 minutes by bus at peak times, the goal being half an hour by creating intermittent bus lanes.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed adding that Development makes sense if buses can travel faster than cars.

In addition to the construction of bus lanes, three P + R car parks will also be constructed in Budakisze. Construction could start in 2023, said Balázs Fürjes, State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of Budapest’s development and urban agglomeration; It will also install smart lights that will automatically turn green when the bus approaches. The Secretary of State described the construction of the corridor in the Eagle’s Nest resting area as the fourth component of the development to the M1 motorway, Thus, the capital is also accessible from the Zsambic Basin on the highway.

4 million people live in and around Budapest, 1 million people come to the city center by car from the agglomeration, and this pressure needs to be relieved

– said Balázs Fürjes. “A new balance must be sought in transport in Budapest,” he added. The government has three answers to this:

  • Continuous development of public transport,
  • The Lost Bridges of Budapest: Construction of the Galvani and Aquincum Bridges,
  • Create P + R car parks at external intersections.
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Due to heavy traffic, the mayor of Budakeszi was called to reconcile in 2019 XII. Live colleague to help solve the problem. According to Zoltán Pokorni, 10-11 thousand cars arrive in the capital in Budakeszi every day and return in the afternoon.

Motorists often try to get around the “Bermuda Triangle” at the intersection of Széll Kálmán tér – BAH in the side streets of the mountains

– said Pokorny who said he was destroying small streets in his area. He added that the goal is not to make it easier for motorists to enter the city, but to park their cars in P+R car parks and use public transportation.

Residents of the Zambik Basin who go to work in Budapest spend twenty days a year traveling

Explanation of heavy characters Ottília Győri is the local mayor.

The idea of ​​the P+R bus lane was coined years ago, but now it appears that critical mass has been reached for the idea to materialize. The Budapest Development Center (BFK) gave impetus to the work, and as a result of joint work, a proposal on development was completed, which was adopted by the government in November 2020.

David Fezzi, CEO of BFK noted:

The section between Budapest and Budapest is the busiest and busiest road in Hungary, with more than 40 buses running every hour in the morning during rush hours, and in the morning about 40 thousand minutes of people’s lives are taken by stopping these buses.

He added that with the third wave of the epidemic receding, travel habits have been restored, with 60 per cent of people opting for public transportation.

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To plan the development, BFK announced the opening of public procurement in the European Union, which was won over by UVATERV, a 73-year-old company that plans several transport infrastructures.

– The CEO announced, adding that the company will carry out the work with a net planning budget of HUF 419 million. The remaining support will be used for other technical tasks, such as widening the road by removing the storm water drainage canal at Budakeszi út and Pilisi Park Forest, so a comprehensive facility design will also be required.

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