Index – Economics – Zsolt Hernádi on the Mol – INA collaboration: this is a beautiful European success story

“International arbitration courts – including judges seconded from Croatia – said unanimously that there was no bribery,” said Zsolt Hernadi, interviewed by Croatian RTL nine years later.

Regarding the recent decision of the Croatian Constitutional Court, in which his constitutional complaint was rejected, he said: He himself learned about it from the press, but he does not consider this fact a surprise in light of the course of legal procedures in Croatia over the past 12 years.

“At the same time, this is just a continuation of what has happened so far in this whole affair. It is all incomprehensible not only to me but to everyone who has dealt with this on an international level.” Regarding the ongoing proceedings against him and the international arrest warrant issued by Croatia, Zsolte Hernadi confirmed:

It is inappropriate for this to happen given that no reliable evidence was presented at any stage of the proceedings.

He also noted that international arbitral tribunals had not only qualified the charges and proceedings in Croatia, but also the Croatian crown witness in the case, Robert Jesic. According to the CEO, “No court can classify Robert Jesic as a reliable witness. However, accordingly, if he is not a reliable witness, not everything he said can be verified like that.”

In the interview, Zsolt Hernádi also mentioned that Mol saved the Croatian energy company from the brink of bankruptcy in 2009, “which is now an excellent company of which we should all be very proud”.

If we don’t control the INA, the INA will be filtered and broken into pieces

– stated the Chairman of the Mall Group, he also noted that in the last 15 years, 3.8 billion euros have been invested in INA, and that there is no other Croatian company about which the same can be said.

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Zsolt Hernádi assessed that there is no Croatian-Hungarian hostility in the relationship between INA and Mol, since the Mol group is an international company in which many nationalities work, and INA plays a very important role in its life. He noted: “We still don’t want to sell INA, because Ina is an integral part of the Mol group, we are good together. It’s a great European success story.

The President and CEO also touched on efficiency improvement measures in recent years. He believed they made a lot of savings by starting to run the company more efficiently.

“They could never say that INA got worse, because it got a lot better. It produces the same production value more efficiently, ”notes Zsolt Hernádi, who sees that INA is already one of the most decisive energy companies in Central Europe, and Mol still has an interest in it. To be a well run company.

(Cover photo: Zsolt Hernádi on December 8, 2022. Photo: Kata Németh/Index)

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