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Index – Economics – The future may depend on nuclear safety, and Paks II. Now order paper

Index – Economics – The future may depend on nuclear safety, and Paks II.  Now order paper

Pax II. International cooperation plus investment is in itself a guarantee that we will deliver a facility that can be safely operated – it is beginning to be indexed jackley Gregory, pax ii. Its president and CEO, whom we spoke with about the three-day CAMP (Code Application and Maintenance) conference coming to Budapest.

Specialists from four continents and 22 countries came to the conference, which was coordinated by the US Nuclear Authority. Paks II is clearly an integral part of this. investment as well. Since the 1970s, the Coastal Area Administration Program (CAMP) has been developing various algorithms and computer programs for nuclear safety assessment. For these thermal and neutron kinematic symbols are recognized worldwide

Hungarian professionals have been accessing and using it for over 30 years.

The conference, which began on Tuesday, is not only significant from the point of view of promoting the exchange of scientific ideas, but its realism is determined precisely by the fact that independent safety analyzes of the two VVER-1200 blocks being built at Pax are carried out, among other things, by Codes provided by CAMP.

Speaking about the fact that thirty countries in the world are participating in CAMP cooperation, Chris Hoxey, CAMP project manager: “Together we are stronger and we can achieve a higher level of safety than if we all worked alone,” he emphasized in adding that he was honored to be part of such a fruitful one this time. They can continue to collaborate and share experiences with the world’s best nuclear engineers in Hungary.

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International bodies are guarantees

“It is a great opportunity for us to learn from the best specialists in the nuclear power plant construction project that our company is supervising, even in the preparation stage, to adopt their practices,” Gergeli Jakli started his speech at the conference.

The fact that Budapest organized CAMP indicates our commitment to collaboration with both the US NRC and the CAMP User Group. Our international cooperation permeates our daily lives. During the construction of the two new units, components from Western European and American suppliers will be added to Rosszatom’s primary circuit technology.

Pax II. Its President and CEO highlighted Indicator Questions specifically as important to see that Paks II. About the project, it is the product of an international collaboration. All of this expertise from around the world is brought into the investment, “helping to make that investment simpler, faster and therefore more cost-effective, and ultimately the operation of a safe power plant.”

He noted that the conference coordinated by the US Nuclear Authority is a particularly good example of how “our project in the nuclear community is an investment made within the framework of international cooperation” and that “PAX2″. Its basic concept was – and still is – that Western European control technology and the secondary circuit are connected to Rosatom’s primary circuit.”

Therefore, not only the power plant, but also its safety technology is part of international investment cooperation.

“And this leads to a kind of security. This cooperation has also led to results elsewhere in the world,” Gergely Jacli said, adding that Rosatom is the world leader in terms of nuclear technology, but the relevant control bodies and equipment for electricity production are European technologies. Western. Nuclear power plants are built everywhere in the world as a result of international cooperation, and Russians often work with Western European suppliers.

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The CEO believes that the cooperation of international organizations made the second bucks. Working together means a kind of quality assurance in itself, but at the same time, it should be noted that nuclear investment is everywhere a priority domestic project, and it is also surrounded by priority international attention. He stressed that “the actors of international investment-related cooperation have the same interest in building the safest power plants.”

These are the guarantees of international organizations for safe investment and subsequent operation.

“Each project has unique risk points, which can be raised and amplified. At the same time, the kind of systematic analysis offered by international bodies should reassure the public that a safely operable power plant is being built in Pakse,” Gergely Jackley summed up for Index, who opines that this will create In the long run, a reliable and cheap-producing power plant can be built.

The future of nuclear energy

Previously, in the index columns, we have already dealt with the Small Modular Reactor technology – abbreviated as SMR (Small Modular Reactor). Usually these units have an electrical output of a few tens or a few hundred megawatts.

According to the classical definition, reactor blocks with an electrical output of less than 300 megawatts can be included here.

This multi-purpose facility is suitable and capable of accelerating by-product in periods of low electricity demand, while maintaining reactor heat production at a constant value, even in a small electricity grid (in a developing country or next to a mining site or industrial plant far from the well-developed grid) production. Thanks to this, it is able to satisfy the needs of heating and / or industrial heat. Attila Pax II of Aswad, the former government commissioner, told our newspaper earlier that he could not offer a specific immediate solution, but at the same time it is worth taking it seriously, and its potential has already been recognized by venture investors.

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We were also asked about this by Gergely Jackley, who said that SMR could be the future: “If we look at countries where natural resources are scarce. Renewable energy is a very useful energy source, but at the same time, they can provide assistance in a country where the conditions are, Even in this state, it is not capable of continuous energy production. “Low-energy SMRs can bring about a change in the world that expands the application of nuclear energy,” he concluded to our newspaper.

(Cover photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)