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Prime Minister MTI informed that the Rust District Committee has been established. The committee reviewing the designation of work areas in the rust zone is awaiting proposals that degraded properties previously used for industrial or other economic purposes should be included in the government’s program.

The head of the newly formed body is Zsolt Füleky, Deputy Minister of State for Architecture, Construction and Heritage Protection in the Prime Minister’s Office. Its members are Csaba Gyutai, Managing Director ÉMI Építésügyi Quality Control Innovation Nonprofit Ltd. Zoltán László Tibor, Deputy Minister of State for Environmental Protection at the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Ferenc Sabo, Head of the Coordination and Analysis Department in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Zeki Janka, Deputy Minister of State for Legal Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Comes rust resistance

With the appointment of a minister, a five-member committee can decide where to create a rust zone working area. They will be the rust committee.

The government aims to help implement the rehabilitation of degraded areas and neighborhoods.

Therefore, it was decided previously that the development of the abandoned or untapped former industrial and economic zones that suffer from poor physical condition and polluted by the government will give priority to support by the government, according to the statement.

The previously received proposals are examined, which generally take 45 days, after which the initiatives deemed suitable are subject to a detailed and comprehensive analysis. The final decision is made by the government.

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