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Index – Economics – Phishing scammers have changed their tactics

Index – Economics – Phishing scammers have changed their tactics

Phone scammers take advantage of the fact that workplace phone numbers often follow each other one after another, so multiple employees in the same workplace may be exposed to these phishing calls, even multiple times during a single day.

Calls are not initiated by OTP Bank, and the “agent” who logs in during the call has nothing to do with OTP Bank.

– The bank warned.

We often encounter frauds when perpetrators pretend to be employees of a bank or institution and, by inventing a false story (for example, that a suspicious transaction has been detected in the victim’s bank account), try to extract bank card data or online banking access to the data, Or download an application that allows remote access to the client’s phone (eg Anydesk, Teamviewer), on the grounds that it is security software.

According to the bank, any inquiry (be it a phone call, SMS, message received via a social network or email) in which a person is asked to enter his bank card details, transfer money from his account, indicate a suspicious transaction or install illegal applications. Known on your computer or phone.

OTP Bank never requests this data or performs such operations, so do not comply with such requests from scammers! If you have any doubts or doubts, contact the bank and confirm the validity of the application!

They stressed.