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Index – Economics – NAV sends notifications regarding its tax account balance to nearly 450,000 farmers

Index - Economics - NAV sends notifications regarding its tax account balance to nearly 450,000 farmers

Starting from the end of May, the National Tax and Customs Administration will send notifications about the balance of tax accounts to nearly four hundred and fifty thousand farmers, and from the end of June, individuals and individual owners can expect to provide this information. incorrect.

The IRS confirmed, in a statement, that at the start of the shipment, everyone will find out if they have to pay or claim a refund.

It was clarified that only those with more than five thousand forts in debt or more than one thousand forint in overpayments receive a tax account statement. Most of them are notified by mail to the company portal, and those who are not bound to the company portal are notified by mail. In addition to the statement, those who did not or were only late in fulfilling their obligations in the past year will also receive notice of additional late payment fees from NAV, resulting in an additional cost of 5,000 HUF.

Below, the authority also informs that the current status of the tax invoice can be viewed at any time on the electronic administration interface, in addition to the tax invoice information page available on the NAV website to help interpret and implement the data. Some tasks.

It is also possible to inquire about the additional fees collected for the last year, and farmers will be able to do so from June 16.

Finally, NAV also informs that farmers can settle debt mainly via bank transfer or overpayment, but in some cases the debt can also be repaid by credit card.

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