Index – Economics – NAV reminds us of an important mission in its letter

Highlighted in the announcement: Notifications are sent electronically – to the company portal, desktop storage, KÜNY storage – to those with electronic access; Others receive the papers by mail.

The first installment of the vehicle tax must be paid by March 16, and the second payment by September 15, to Local Vehicle Tax Revenue Account Number 10032000-01079160, NAV. When making a transfer, the tax number or tax identification number must be indicated in the notification column, if this is not done, then NAV will not be able to communicate the amount paid to the payer, or just late – warn the tax authority.

Vehicle tax can be paid within seconds in the NAV-Mobil Motor Vehicle Tax menu item or on the NAV administrative interface, Customer Portal (ÜPO). The application can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, and the latest version should always be used.

Those who choose to dissolve a check can order a check over the phone at NAV Infoline or online at the NAV website. Only those obligated to open a payment account can make payment by bank transfer.

The Tax Office drew attention to the fact that a document that arrives at the storage location must be transferred to “permanent storage” because the document is only available at the storage location for 30 days, after which it is deleted.

If a person has a representative who can act on a motor tax issue, only the representative will receive the decision; They wrote in the declaration that a reminder notice would be sent to both the taxpayer and the representative.

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