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This year, the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) has already prepared personal income tax return (SJA) drafts for more than 5.6 million people, which are available on the NAV website from March 15, the ministry’s parliamentary state secretary announced. Finance.

now actually 5.2 million have electronic storage, which not only indicates the spread of digitization advocated by the government, but also facilitates with the tax return The duties of a citizen are also relevant – stressed András Tállai.

From March 15, anyone can view their draft 2022 tax return with the help of the Central Identification Agent ID (KAÜ) on the eSZJA portal. The ad can be approved and edited on a desktop computer or any smart device, tablet or phone.

Those who agree with the details of the draft and don’t need to add anything to it, don’t need to do anything else, on May 22 their draft becomes a valid tax return.

This option is also available for those who are just registering on the customer portal. If someone wants to apply for a KAÜ ID, they can do so in the easiest way at the document desk or government window, and this can also be arranged at the main NAV customer services by making an appointment in advance.

This year, sole proprietors, primary producers and VAT registered individuals will also receive assistance with their tax returns. Individual entrepreneurs, primary agricultural producers and those liable to pay VAT must complete their draft tax return with income from their activities and data not included in NAV records.

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For those who do not have a KAÜ ID and have requested that the draft be mailed, NAV will send a 1 + 1 percent holder statement with the draft by May 2, 2023. A person can also decide this year to donate 1 percent of personal income tax paid on the consolidated tax base for a registered NGO, and another 1 percent for an artistic religious community or special budget allocations, which is this year’s National Talent Program.

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