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On Wednesday morning, the Historical Archives of the State Security Service published, on its Facebook page, a document about what Joseph Dennis could have said to a State Security officer in 1983. She added that the document was published on the basis that all this happened 40 years ago. Infostart.

This indicates that Zulte Dennis (correctly Josef Dennis) informed the state security officer to sign the petition. It also featured pianist Zoltan Kocsis.

According to the report, between 1976 and 1979 Deák filed a report for internal investigation under the pseudonym Deák.

It should be noted in his favor that his reports contained only generalities, and he said nothing about specific persons, with one exception when Budapest painters were included in his report, including the recently deceased Imre Pak. We’ve attached his report as well – it doesn’t really contain objectionable information, although it could have been useful to state security.

Books of the historical archive of state security agencies.

The publication also provides a document from 1977. Written in it, it reads that “in 1970-1972 there was a small group of painters, whose members were: Tibor Seki, Ilona Keseru, Tamas Hentsche, Tamas Sentjobe, Janos Fajo and Imre Back. They were known as regular members In the R Club of the Technical University.In their joint creative activity, one decade in 1973 New compositions c. The exhibition organized at the Art Gallery caused a certain “break”, which also led to the dismantling of the collection. For the one whose work was purchased, it meant contempt for others, because they paid for his “obligation”.

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In later years, the obligatory “Uncle Robert” attitude towards others can be observed on the part of Emery Buck, manifested in practice by making it possible for them to organize various exhibitions. (As an employee of the Institute of People’s Education, the galleries are his). In this way, he partly maintains his connection with them, and partly gives him the opportunity to propagate the tendencies they represent. As per our relationship, Emery Pak is not a devoted artist, but he is emotionally attached to the said circle.”

“Assessment: the report relates to BM III / III-4. Division – for a secret investigation. In terms of its content, they wrote in a comment to the document, it is information of operational value.

Joseph Dennis in 2021, He died at the age of 73. He started singing in 1963, and in 1966 he was a founding member and lyricist of Szeged’s first Hungarian-language band, the Angels. In 1967, he became known nationally with the song Carrier, which he wrote with Miklós Ferris, and for which he won second place at the first Hungarian Polpit Festival. For a while, he was referred to as Hungarian Bob Dylan or Bob Dennis due to his songs with guitar, harmonica, and general life themes, despite the fact that Bob Dylan was on very different paths at the time, and Dennis also had a growing interest in Hungarian poetry.

Josef Denis was awarded the title of Knight of Hungarian Culture in 2001. In 2018, the Civil Section of the Hungarian Order of Merit was knighted.

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(Cover photo: Composer and performer Josef Dennis at his home in Budapest on June 14, 2013. Photo: Gyula Kzimbal/MTI)