Index - Culture - You had to tread an accelerating path - Chef Marton How's adventures in finding himself

Index – Culture – You had to tread an accelerating path – Chef Marton How’s adventures in finding himself

What is a typical culinary learning profession? Where do you acquire professional knowledge? When was it first noticed? And when do you realize you can find your voice in the kitchen?

A computer science engineering student from Dunaújváros realizes he hates what he’s doing. He takes his squirrel and goes off a bumpy road. Guest Pierre is Chef Martin Cave.

I don’t like the name of the chef myself. I even grew up in the fact that the chef is a very serious teacher with a French Michelin star cap after 20-30 years in the business. I see myself literally fine: a chef, “says Martin.

Pierre’s question is brought to life by what the chef learns in OKJ training. How to get started gathering true knowledge from your books in parallel.

For example, I took a typing lesson, which is a very important knowledge for a chef to be able to press keys blindly.

They talk about the way:

  • OKJ training in Donaugváros
  • Cardiff and 300 servings of St. James’s mussels a day
  • Commission center in London in a Michelin starred restaurant
  • A 3-year study period in English
  • Another national cuisine in southern Spain
  • Sous Chef position in Bistro Restaurant in London
  • Where he learned kitchen management
  • When he made good money for the first time

This is the life of an ascetic. Those who do not have an internal engine spring fall off, corrode.

He came home after 11 years Martin To Budapest and opened a Taiwanese bistro. He loves this kitchen, and he also eats it at home, because his interest in this direction comes from the deepest.

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