Index - Culture - Why did Eniko Ezini's hometown receive 300 million for the theater?  Just!

Index – Culture – Why did Eniko Ezini’s hometown receive 300 million for the theater? Just!

Browse through the list of Ministry of Human Resources decisions dated December 9, 2021 to report additional support for performing arts organizations, an amount owed appears between as many as two, three, and five million items. Based on the decision of the Minister of State for Cultural Affairs, Peter Fekete, his headquarters in Budapest will receive only 300 million HUF! Art, the support site is Csenger.

The Managing Director of the beneficiary company, which was established last year according to the official company registry, is Enikő Eszenyi, a trusted ex-employee of Péter Magyar. Previously the Economic Director and then the Production Director of Comedy Theatre, now he is still a member of the board of trustees of two organizations that operate completely independently of the Comedy Theatre, with a total budget of several hundreds of millions of forints: the Comedy Theater Foundation and the XXI. Comedy Theater Foundation. These are the foundations from which the current director of the theater is based Rudolf Peter In no case could he leave neither Eszenyi nor Magyar, who no longer belonged to the theater under labor law.

The 300 million HUF grant is the birthplace of Eniki Ezini, Cheng’er with a population of less than 5,000 (4,870 at the 2015 census), and just! Art non-profit limited to performing arts activities.

The scholarship was awarded at the end of 2021, and the decision was made on December 9. Interestingly, the competition supports performing arts activities in its own name and by invitation only! According to the company registry, Nonprofit Kft offers cultural training.

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In artistic and cultural circles, many people believe that Emmi’s outstanding support, which is not commensurate with the nature of the activity, the size of the settlement and its cultural role, can also be considered a kind of rehabilitation of Enikő Eszenyi.

As is known, Enikő Eszenyi left the Comedy Theater in March 2020, after which she listened for a year, disappeared from the audience, after which she heard about the organization of theater performances and theater performances in Csenger, the local cultural center. In the garden of Chekhov’s local reformed church seagull Organized by a formation called the Csenger Creative Center.

In the grant amount of 300 million, the additional municipal cultural grant of Esztergom corresponds to the status of the province (HUF 350 million). Anyone can view the audience on Emmi’s website Resolution List The amount of support amounting to several tens of millions and even ten million forints is already pending.

to compare

  • The Hungarian University of Dance received six million forints in the same round,
  • K2 Theater Foundation Ft 2 million,
  • Hevesi Sándor Theater in Zalaegerszeg ten million.

The Index contacted the Mayor of Csenger about the type of theater and performing arts activities currently taking place in Csenger, and we have not received an answer yet. We also called Emm, and explained why a small frontier town in Zapoleks with a population of less than 5,000 received HUF 300 million. We are waiting for your response. We continue the story.

(Cover Photo: Enikő Eszenyi at the Comedy Theater on February 27, 2019. Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI)

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