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Index – Culture – When all hell broke loose in the Questadion because of the hat

Index – Culture – When all hell broke loose in the Questadion because of the hat

the Newton Squad His guitarist Its author from the era of heroism is a favourite ElijahHe remembers why they dared to sing their own songs in the Anglo-Saxon-dominated rhythm era, singing in the Hungarian language, thus creating rhythmic music in the Hungarian language. Of course, technically, they are always ahead Omegaon me. As a publisher, Tatra bandRe and CharlieHe is the proudest.

My friend's friend is my friend, as the saying goes. But is it the same with music? Do we love our favorites? Or do we want to know them? All this can be seen in the new series of the Hungarian Pop Culture Archive, in which we ask the most famous representatives of Hungarian popular culture about the musical experiences, performers, recordings, songs, concerts and festivals that influenced their lives and careers in some way. this week Laszlo Pastor Guitarist and composer, A Newton Band, A Newton Familia And the founder of the Magneoton publishing house answers our questions.

Heroes of the Heroic Age

She is one of László Pásztor's favorites and role models Elijaht and Zsuzza conch This was highlighted because they had the courage and of course the talent to despise the foundations of percussion music sung in the Hungarian language. Moreover, they did so by consciously incorporating elements of popular music and texts that were often covertly critical of the regime, and which, by reaching almost everyone (when not banned), inadvertently contributed to the erosion of the regime.

the Omega He likes them because they have done a lot to spread Western-style rock culture here, among other things, by giving lavish concerts that young Hungarians have never been able to see or hear before. He greatly appreciates their ability to renew themselves and the fact that they have put Hungarian music on international stages.

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Finally, the Tatra bandet al Charlie, in which styles that did not exist or were not popular in Hungary became popular in parallel, but in different ways. Moreover, all of this is done using terrifyingly innovative technology, the likes of which have not been heard since.

Favorite discs and songs

Among the former President Newton's most beloved recordings is the Omega disc, from 1969 10,000 stepsBut Tatra released it in 1994 A journey into the unknown His double album features internationally recognized drummer, composer and singer Peter Casas Infinity Project He also often listens to his 2016 solo album. One of his most important songs is A Hobo Blues Bandfrom You cannot have two statesfrom Zsuzsa Koncz A If I were a roserespectively preacherfrom Patriot It contains a piece titled

All three songs are mainly due to their lyrical content. It shows how the problems of our small region of 93,000 square kilometers can be sympathetically represented

– He justifies his decision.

When all hell broke loose at the Burgundy party

Laszlo Pastor A pyramid The first begins with a Christmas party In Ivy Park.

“It was a huge party, in the snow and sleet, with a crowd of tens of thousands. I had never experienced anything like it before or since. “I was standing in the crowd and couldn’t believe what was happening.” It was held at the Questadion. Burgundy– The concert was also a lasting experience for him.

when Birgende Besta He took off his hat, revealed his half-parted hair, mustache, and beard, and all hell broke loose. But it remained memorable not only because of the show, but also because of the brilliantly crafted program as well as the Keystadion's infectious acoustics. I think this was the pinnacle of the Bergendy family's career

– says the musician who Hungary He can't forget his big rock and roll show Menthol hotel Among its collections in the Népstadion. “Pine wedges They know everything about this kind of music, but before the concert it was hard to imagine that they could fill such a large stage with music and dancing. They succeeded…”