Index - Culture - Well, you can really get dizzy about this Hungarian movie on Netflix

Index – Culture – Well, you can really get dizzy about this Hungarian movie on Netflix

Another Hungarian movie can be watched on Netflix. Or … describing it as viewable might be an exaggeration, but only from the point of view we’re usually used to watching a movie. I love you like an animal – whoever has seen it already knows it – is the first Hungarian movie to be shot with a scene camera.

Accordingly, sometimes or almost always, focus changes so quickly (often unnoticed) that a viewer with a weaker sense of balance may feel, rightly, that the scene is incomprehensible.

While this is also just some kind of point of view. True, it is completely subjective. That is, if we turn off this function in our brain (Already if we were able to do so)Since everything in the world is stable, storytelling can also be fun.

Roughly, we need to visualize this to make it possible to see the world through different eyes. But when we see it, it becomes clear that our nervous system is wired in a different way, and that the other’s point of view is simply inconsistent with the reality we want to see.

But even so, Love You Like a Animal is a movie directed and directed by Eric Novak. Whatever it was, about Cinematrixon already They can read criticism. We can recognize a true Whisper personality, every woman (Hermina Fatiul, Francesca Varcas, Bore Petrovi, Nora Party or Ursi Toth) is just one side of a moral slip. According to Eric Novak, this point of view is the best way to show it

Because of the parallel relationships, how does the empire of lies of the hero built over decades collapse.

Eric Novak and his co-producers got their hands on almost entirely, and were able to shape the story the way the situation came about. Bori Péterfy experimented with the creative process as the most flexible, free and creative photography of her life – which lasted for four years anyway.

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