Index - Culture - We haven't seen a heart-warmer movie on Netflix lately

Index – Culture – We haven’t seen a heart-warmer movie on Netflix lately

If someone looks at using ruby ​​(saved by ruby) On his poster, he might be terrified and never come close to a new Netflix movie. It would be a great mistake to do so – just as it is inappropriate to judge a book by its cover, in this case, something similar applies to this work dealing with real events.

The story revolves around a patrol man named Daniel O’Neill, who is already 29 years old. All of this is of great importance because if a guy turns 30, he won’t be able to report to a K9 canine police officer from there. In addition, the character that Grant Gustin played has tried a lot in recent years to get into special unit training, all without success.

However, in the movie, Daniel is not the only one struggling.

On another thread, we meet Ruby, a shelter dog, unable to adapt anywhere, constantly being turned back by owners who just can’t handle him. So the talk goes about that it’s time for the animal to sleep. Then the protagonist dresses in a uniform and takes the cattle with him to organize, and for the first time in K9 history, he sculpts a search dog from a shelter animal.

As you might imagine, their path will be full of difficulties. So much so that Daniel has to devise his own way to train his partner. The With the help of Ruby Although it is a lightweight family bed for all ages, it is surprisingly versatile. Although the photography is very colorful, which makes it look cheap, and the characters sometimes act silly, this movie has a big heart. We haven’t seen such a warm story on Netflix lately, sure.

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Although the script falters in some places, and we feel like there wasn’t 90 minutes of material in all of this, the two protagonists grow unexpectedly. The Flash – LightningIt’s good to finally see Grant Justin, whom he met in 2006, not as a superhero, and the actor also giving his dads—his moms out of the box he’s been in for the past few years.

Together with Ruby, they make up a terribly favorite couple of all time.

Daniel and Robbie are out of line, not only between K9s, but also among the police at all. That’s why you can squeeze them hard. There’s no shortage of excitement in the movie anyway, but what really surprised us is that in some places the director, Kat Shea, boldly shows off very difficult crimes waiting to be solved.

We won’t spoil it, but surprisingly, the director decided to believe in such a quiet film that truly makes the world a bleak, dark place where terrible things can happen. Of course, watching children will not understand any of this, especially what is extra for parents. Little ones will find out there’s a cute dog movie on TV – but that’s not a problem at all.

The story of dyslexic, hyperactive policeman Daniel and his uncontrollable dog, Robbie, has us completely off our feet. Obviously they won’t win prizes, but many of them may need to find easier entertainment for themselves. Especially today. And there is no shortage of interesting solutions in the film, there are some scenes, for example, when the events are presented from the dog’s point of view. That’s why for the hat idea. The With the help of Ruby It’s off, and while it doesn’t show a lot of new stuff for photography fanatics in general, the story ends with a very clever touch that makes it easy for anyone to get sensitive.

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Not to mention that at the top of the staff list, a positive call was made by its makers for an extra point. But everyone should discover this for themselves.

Ruby is available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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