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Index – Culture – We have lunch with Patricia Kovacs on Sunday

Index - Culture - We have lunch with Patricia Kovacs on Sunday

10.30.2021. 09:07
Modified date: 10.30.2021. 09:07

Actor Patrícia Kovács is the Sunday Brunch guest, who has renounced his existence as a freelance journalist once again and asserted himself in comedy theatre. He tells a recipe in the show that might be a little tricky at Chef VIP, but it’s very popular among his family. This way, not only does it stay in the handwritten cookbook containing the family’s secret recipes, but viewers can also use it if they need to. He also talks about his 8-year-old daughter, which you can sample in the show below.

Sunday Brunch – Preview of Patrícia Kovács

We’re talking about Patricia’s latest piece, as it premiered last weekend. Directed by Ferenc Turok, we can see it in Bella Figura. The plot is also very interesting. On a beautiful summer evening that promises to be romantic, nothing happens the way the participants dreamed. An incident blows up the sophisticated atmosphere of La Bella Figura and takes a surreal turn into the evening. In her stories, Yasmina Reza, the world-famous French writer of Hungarian origin, is able to point out our daily problems and the complexities of our relationships in a way that is funny, profound, painful and cruel at the same time. The show is a true star parade: Judith Halas, Patricia Kovacs, Cecila Radnay, Andras Stoll and Joseph Wonderlich will take the stage.

  • On the show, we get a little headache about what the Bella looks like,
  • It turns out why Patricia can identify with all the characters in the play,
  • Why are you glad that the pre-selection is over,
  • That the Suhanj Foundation he survived is a Covid survivor,
  • What does the girl on the hill of roses mean to her,
  • And why he had reservations about the index in the past.
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Stay tuned this Sunday with the new episode of Sunday Brunch! We also recommend our previous conversations With Shepherd ErzsAnd With Zoltan Bereczki Obsession with fiery tamas.

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