Index - Culture - We found the best Brad Pitt movie on Netflix

Index – Culture – We found the best Brad Pitt movie on Netflix

Brad Pitt’s films have now reached dizzying proportions, and it is no coincidence that the 58-year-old American actor has become one of the famous names in Hollywood. The Interview with the vampireThe Warriors Clubaz eleventh oceanFilm series, A dishonest brigadesThe The private life of Benjamin Button or the There was… Hollywood They are all productions in which the topic of our article gives a strong performance. But if you want to see the almost perfect Brad Pitt at the top, this is another movie, the hugely underrated experience that is somewhat underrated. money makerR (money ball) Recommended for viewing.

Excerpts from the movie Money Maker

Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/IMDB

The money makerThe author of Current Lines has avoided right since the game’s 2011 premiere because who cares about another underdog story, this time about baseball rather than American football, and stars two men trying to hack the sport with the help of math.

As it turns out, a sports movie that seems too dry can be made fun, especially if the screenplay was written by a great genius like Aaron Sorkin.

The story revolves around the Oakland Athletics team, more specifically the head of the team who works here, Billy Bean (Brad Pitt). The guy tried baseball himself when he was young, but as a player it didn’t live up to his expectations, so he later tried his luck on the other side. Billy has nothing easy to do, as the athletics budget lags far behind that of competitors like the New York Yankees, for example. That is why Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), who is discovered by the head of the team and relied on the methods of the young economist, is trying to carve out a new path in baseball.

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I would never have dreamed that he could sit in a movie like this without knowing the exact rules of baseball. The money maker However, despite it being a sports movie, it’s not so much about sports as it is about two men who, based only on stats, try to discover and adopt players everyone has already given up on, cost money because they are old, throw weird, or whose personalities aren’t can be controlled. And based on the method Peter Brand uses, they have an extra very hidden advantage that could ultimately help athletics win.

Photo by Sony Pictures

Photo by Sony Pictures

The money maker Not just because all of Brad Pitt’s vibe is an experience in him. Big support for the play of actor Jonah Hill, who still appears here, is an almost constant tension along the way well-engineered baseball pros like athletics coach Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman) rub their hands and feet against the new ways.

Being a pioneer is not an easy task, nor is it a procession of torches money maker Brilliantly presented.

As well as human destiny. Although we see players less, they still grow to our hearts because they are so well-chosen, most notably Chris Pratt, who also showed why he later turned into a gorgeous movie star in his side role as Bunny Tail.

Aaron Sorkin and his name is more President’s people It might be familiar because he co-wrote the script so well with Steven Zilian, and mostly skipped it, so you don’t get lost as a spectator in too much jargon and get excited about signing up for a new player or the way the directors discuss tactics.

It’s clear that film director Bennett Miller has gone back a bit to his predecessors as friday night lights, Here we think of beautiful photography and electronic music, but we didn’t mind for a moment. Moreover, due to the amazing point of view, we can also mention that a money maker It deviates from the jerk of sports movies and shows something completely new. This is not often the case.

Enjoying the production is indicated by the fact that it was longer than 2 hours 133 minutes, but we would have watched it run smoothly. In sports films, the question often arises as to whether serving is not too sugary in the drink. The money maker It doesn’t disappoint either, a true life sizzling drama with characters breathing lively, great presentation, and at least as good as Brad Pitt. Anyone who’s missed it so far shouldn’t sit down before us, we guarantee you’ll feel a little more after watching the story of these brave and possibly slightly crazy people.

The money maker Available on Hungarian on Netflix.

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