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Index – Culture – We can’t stop watching the new zombie series on Netflix

Index – Culture – We can’t stop watching the new zombie series on Netflix

The Hive movie series is in six parts, but as the zombie franchise has progressed, the final chapter of 2016 has turned into an unacceptable farce. Milla Jovovich appears to have grown tired of being sexist, as well as critics who have drunk avoided The Hive, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. Despite production dropping at the box office, The Hive wasn’t surprisingly delayed by five years.

Then in 2021 came the legendary game series from Capcom, The Hive – Raccoon City, which is based more on the Resident Evil video games that have existed since 1996. In this, the story of the second and third game is mixed into one, and although the end result was Nonsense, it is still amusing here and there.

There is already a Resident Evil animated series on Netflix, which we have to leave out, because watching it is like watching a PlayStation 2 game on TV. However, the all-new live-action version introduced on July 14th is already worth a few words. Mainly because it’s worth a watch not only for video game fanatics for its winks, but also for those already bored that the gray Walking Dead has pulled the average quality of the zombie series down a frog’s backside.

The new Resident Evil series is good. It’s not perfect, it has its flaws, and it’s the kind of watch you start with hesitantly and fills with a secondary sense of shame in the first few minutes. But, by the end of the 60-minute beta, we found ourselves thinking, oops, Part Two has already started and we simply can’t stop.

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The story takes you to the year 2036 at the beginning, to a world where the end of the world was. The living are terrified of zombies, while the dangerously professional Umbrella Corporation hunts down the lawless. We get kind of futuristic Walking Dead, which is almost exactly why we initially paid for it. Because the action is totally boring, especially since we have to be excited about a character we don’t know yet.

Fortunately, the action straddles two threads, as we go back to the past of protagonist Jade Wesker, to 2022, when the younger girl, her twin sister, Billy, and their mysterious father, Albert, move to a new, new place. Raccoon City. What happened here, the merging of girls, the actions of the well-known main villain from Capcom games, the appearance of a certain zombie dog… are making more exciting waves in the story than anything in 2036. The actors playing young Billy, Jade, Sienna Agudong and Tamara Smart are so skilled, they are They play the withdrawn, strong-willed siblings well, while Lance Riddick, better known from The Wire and Fringe, plays the cold runner on our backs, though he smiles reassuringly at his daughters.

There are eight episodes in total, and it’s really impossible not to finish Resident Evil quickly. We’ve seen two parts so far, but they’re already ready for a continuation evening. The futuristic thread remains gray and less exciting, but due to the events taking place in New Raccoon City and the preparation for the global fire itself, it places the new Netflix series among the fun ones.

Surprisingly, the production has little to do with the games, aside from the basic embellishments, but even hardcore fans will find their entertainment in these annoyances. For others, Resident Evil might still be, of a better kind, a guilty pleasure. But we highly recommend it to those who have not held a console in their hands. The new Resident Evil stands on its own, so anyone should try it out.


Resident Evil Season 1 is available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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