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Index – Culture – Watchers watched by Giza Roerig in New York

Index - Culture - Watchers watched by Giza Roerig in New York

If there was a show that would be an ideal choice for a contemporary art festival production in New York, which aims to show Hungarians living in America or Americans themselves how we think about the world, Hungarians, then Christoph Kellman the watchers lecture. How good it is that we do not have to talk about it in a conditional way, because one of the performances of the second Hungary Festival L! Ve was exactly this piece.

the past few months detective It was high from the series. Both fans and critical voices have expressed their opinion about the work of Bálint Szentgyörgyi, writer and director, and Index has covered the topic in several articles. The the watchers He also worked on the agent’s case, concealing the story in a very sad and gorgeous Orwellian robe. Although the theme and song choice are the same, it is important to note that the two productions were produced independently, with Trafó performing in 2019, and although detective In April of this year, the script was completed years ago. However, the question here is not what the two works have to do with each other, but what they mean by themselves, and we can say that both are very important for other reasons.

Fourth day of HLF

But for now let’s stay with Clement’s article, since the fourth day of the festival is a full day with monitors I started.

One of the strong elements of the performance in the Trafó vault is the landscape, which for understandable reasons they weren’t able to travel outside, but even the impromptu special setup for this performance boosted performance significantly. It’s important to note that although Zita Schnábel, who assembled the original furniture for the piece collection in 1965, did a great job, this performance carries a message so powerful that it would stand still without a collection.

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According to the story, the State Security began to be interested in Michael Besenzi (Tamas Ritvalvi), an Englishman of Hungarian origin, studying to be a director at the Faculty of Theater and Film Arts. They suspect the man is spying on English intelligence. The observers who report this need a secret, friendly or even romantic relationship with the observer, while they themselves become growing collections of documents.

Information does not disappear, it only transforms. Very interesting and forward-looking parallels have been woven into performance, one of which is when they suggest that there will be no need for whistleblowers for a while, because as technology advances, everyone is voluntarily documenting the world around them. This is the point where we don’t delete ourselves from social media immediately just because it’s not appropriate to pick up the phone during a performance.

There are so many moments in the performance

It’s no small talk, which is why he’s referring to the current political situation to the core.

One of the characters’ biggest strengths is that no one is good or bad, and ambitions are unpredictable. The most mysterious character is Bisenzi himself, who cannot be clearly told whether state security is watching him for a good reason or not, because this is not the goal, it is more about the work of the system or the characters who have been torn and torn apart by the system.

Sándor Somogyi (Dániel Baki) is a friend of the guest student, one of the most interesting elements being that although he has had to cover his true face all his life and lie to himself and his desires, he still finds it difficult to produce. The same observer. The character suffers from a severe lack of love and a patriarchal complex, which is why it is interesting to note the development of his relationship with the holding officer.

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Her fiancé is Judith Sarkozy (Józsa Bettina), who is arguably neither the smartest nor the most naive of characters, but certainly a great example of one becoming almost unconsciously a tool for others.

Lieutenant Horvath (Peter Jankovic) is a cold and unpredictable character who begins his career as an ardent believer in communism, but his ambition becomes questionable at the end of the play. He’s a wonderful guy, but perhaps most of all he fears himself.

In addition to the many controversial roles, the character of Erzsi Rózsa (Iringó Réti) is more straightforward, simple and straightforward, providing the most useless information about the observer under the pseudonym Puma. Erzsi also reveals a slice of the Hungarian people’s soul, she wants nothing more than to please and love everyone, and she sacrifices honesty at her altar until she has nothing left. Iringó Réti also appears in two other roles in the episode, both of whom are fantastic.

note and see

Christopher Clement talks about a lot of things, sheds light on a lot of things, and makes him think, but perhaps one of his most powerful weapons is when he makes viewers realize we’re all watching. Although the performance roughly begins with this statement, it eventually reveals a scene that often disturbs viewers with security awareness that our view is hidden from the actors by an invisible fourth wall.

The show was rewarded with applause from the audience outside, regardless of the origin of what was said. As I walked down Dominic Street, which closes HERE Arts Center on 6th Street, I listened to the audience’s enthusiastic reviews the entire time. Many facilitated the show. Of course, respecting tradition is important and beautiful, but this was the evening I felt most in the crowd that the need for contemporary Hungarian culture was burning in the Hungarians living abroad. I noticed a familiar face in the crowd,

Who could have been caught for a few sentences.

In terms of cultural diplomacy, this is a land where no one is. I am trying to extend the antennas, but there are not many shows. The fact that Hungary Festival L! Ve has traveled and exhibited products for free for an entire week and is an oasis in the desert.

If you have the watchers We watched a show, and I also asked the Oscar winner about revealing the agent’s files son of Saul the actor.

I think it is a shame and a debt to Hungarian politics that this issue has not yet been settled, and I think we have already gotten over it, it has been a long time. This had to be announced after the regime change, as did the Czechs, the Poles, or even the Germans. It was copied the same way as many others. But there is no political will for it, and it never will be.

An artisan band and DJ Bootsie trio helped unleash the blistering effect of the indigestible but most important performance of the Nublu 151 Club. Both shows created a great atmosphere, but we’ll talk about the music in a later article.

(cover photo: Zsuzsa Szkárossy)

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