Index - Culture - Vote!  Who do you think will take home the Oscar this year?

Index – Culture – Vote! Who do you think will take home the Oscar this year?

This year, 93. Oscar party. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, there will be a sensation, and penetration of the red carpet, but unlike the Golden Globes, the nominees will not be attending the ceremony from home, via Zoom, but in person.

Even Steven Soderberg, the show’s producer, drew candidates ’attention to a mandatory dress code. Index all night and at dawn He follows the events directlySo that neither the night owl nor the barn owl remains fresh Oscar News And the Curiosity without.

But until the award ceremony begins, vote! Who do you think would bring back the coveted golden statue in the major categories?

Which will be the best movie this year?

Who will be the best director this year?

  • 444

    Chloe Chow (Nomad Land)

  • 150

    David Fincher (Mank)

  • 78

    Emerald Fennell (young promising)

  • 74

    Thomas Winterberg (Another tour for everyone)

  • 50

    Lee Isaac Chung (Minary)

Who will be the best champion of the year?

  • 342

    Anthony Hopkins (father)

  • 308

    Chadwick Bosman (Ma Rainey Bottom black)

  • 124

    Gary Oldman (Mank)

  • 68

    Riz Ahmed (Metal Voice)

  • 30

    Stephen Yoon (Minary)

Who will be the best heroine of the year?

  • 301

    Frances McDormand (Bedouin Land)

  • 247

    Vanessa Kirby (cut from a woman)

  • 132

    Carey Mulligan (young promising)

  • 99

    Viola Davis (Bottom of Ma Rainey Black)

  • 29

    Andra Day (USA v Billie Holiday)

Who will be the best supporting actor this year?

  • 386

    Sacha Baron Cohen (discussing the Seven in Chicago)

  • 151

    Daniel Kaluuya (Judas and the Black Christ)

  • 74

    Lakeith Stanfield (Judah and the Black Christ)

  • 52

    Paul Racey (Metal Sound)

  • 45

    Leslie Odom, Jr. (one night in Miami)

Who will be the best supporting actress this year?

  • 295

    Glenn Close (Country Ballad on the American Dream)

  • 187

    Olivia Coleman (father)

  • 93

    Amanda Seyfried (Mank)

  • 85

    Maria Bacalova (Burrat post-production film)

  • 68

    Yoon Ye Jong (Minari)

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