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Index – Culture – Viewers didn’t hate Netflix that much

Index - Culture - Viewers didn't hate Netflix that much

The unexpected luck (surprise) The movie was released on Netflix on March 18th, and although it has been released by many here – the third most popular in Hungary on the daily top 10 list at the time of writing – if we look at the reviews before watching them, we get very disappointing results. Viewers haven’t been hating Netflix lately, that’s for sure.

There is almost unanimity that comments on forums and social media have canceled an hour and a half of this thriller. In addition, at Rotten Tomatoes, journalists do not have a better opinion on the production, where, according to 51 reviews, only by 55 percent Consists of unexpected luck. Not a good result, maybe we don’t have to explain.

By comparison, the new Netflix movie isn’t nearly as scary as many would expect.

The story begins with a slightly disoriented young man entering a stifling vacation home, but the character played by Jason Segel makes it seem like it’s not his place. The squiggly bearded patchworker is surprised to notice that the owners are running into the person of a wealthy CEO (Jesse Plemons) and Szende’s wife (Lily Collins). The three are the ones who play cat and mouse with each other in 90 minutes and try to get out of the situation alive. Junior suite: Not everyone will succeed.

True, the new Charlie McDowell movie can’t be easily packaged. The director was The person I love It proved by its 2014 production, which is terribly underrated to this day. The unexpected luck And it is as if the creator is going back a little to this earlier creation, while at the same time evoking the atmosphere of old thrillers. For us The person I love I really loved if someone wanted something good for themselves and you liked this novelty on Netflix, make up for it quickly, both movies are on similar foundations.

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McDowell’s new movie again is so simple, that we couldn’t even mention the heroes by their names because it wasn’t named. For this reason, many may feel that these are paper-thin characters that the book fails to expose. Now we are forced to face the crowd because of a unexpected luckIn fact, he has his own strong moments, and

We also lack character development. Although the latter was quite obsessed. Everyone who has seen the movie understands what we mean.

The tempo is terribly slow, but the creators manage to hear the tension-pumping music really well, so we’re keeping our interest in the productions all the way through. It was Jesse Plemons A Friday night lightsIn, his wings well opened, Fargo And netflixes as well between the claws of the dog And after West, we can say that he became a great dramatic actor. Here he takes the unscrupulous CEO personality to the top, and the guy’s belly really is all over him. The How did you meet your mother His former co-star Jason Segel also blends in well with the role of a desperate thief, and while he brings in some poor guy Ryan Gosling, he has good sights, not only with his eyes on the CEO, but also with Szende’s wife, played by Lily. Collins.

The film is too corrugated, it should be left. Despite its intriguing start, it sits well in the middle, and the scriptwriters likely put together one or two snippets of conversation to fill in just 90 minutes. It was nice to hand a 60-minute pilot over to Netflix, and then wait for the rest of the season after that. We’re joking, of course. There was nothing more to this story, and it might not be a timeless thriller, but unexpected luck It represents a much higher quality than, say, Amy Adams woman on the window. Although it was kind of a parody rather than a real thriller.

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Many of the spectators had finished on their stomachs, although the bloodshed in the end was well recorded. We shook the cold, it was a fine little nail, so we comfortably turned off the TV.

There are quite a few unbearable movies on Netflix, but unexpected luck never. He fell victim to popular hysteria slightly, but if he has patience with this, the invested energy will pay off.

Unexpected luck on Netflix with Hungarian subtitles and dubbing.

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