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Index – Culture This is the best series for those sad January days

Index – Culture This is the best series for those sad January days

Although we can’t complain about the temperature – if we don’t like the winter frost – since the winter has been so mild so far, many people have a hard time enduring January due to the gloomy mood at the start of the year and the lack of events that come after. Christmas. Poor January is the Monday of the months, after celebrating Christmas with the family and New Year’s Eve with friends, we are faced with the fact that everything starts over.

Excerpted from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Series

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So, in those sneaky days, we came up with a recommendation full of fun and funny series that make it easier to get through this period, and pass the time with it.

We start the list with a series that didn’t get enough attention here, the reason being that it is not supported by the masses Netflix, HBO Max or It is available on the Disney + platform, but on Amazon Prime Video. This is nothing but The wonderful Mrs. Maisel (The wonderful Mrs. Maisel). The creator of the series is Amy Sherman-Palladino, whose trademark is that her work is witty and humorous, yet somehow she remains human. was among his works Gilmore Girls or the boneheads series, although both were more popular with the female audience.

But in the story of a conservative Jewish family set in 1950s New York, everyone, regardless of gender, can find likable characters.

The whole series is like a postcard from the past,

Therefore, he often abbreviates the beautiful moments of the era. The story is fascinating: a mother of two in her twenties who finds her sobbing after her husband steps down and trying to assert herself as a woman in a male-dominated profession (whoa). The characters are great, the cast plays them perfectly, even the second-to-last supporting characters are incredibly entertaining. The images, the story, the language and the jokes pull viewers out of the sea of ​​boredom with a sure hand.

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For the previous recommendation, it’s worth looking at Amazon Prime, but while we’re at it, A.J Modern love Don’t miss the anthology series (Modern Love) either! Each installment of the two-season series deals with separate stories that show different faces of love. It elaborates on the subject in many different ways, but the end result is always a charming, heart-warming story. Parts can be interpreted independently of each other, so if even after five minutes one episode hasn’t touched our soul, we can click on the next without regret.

Offering stories from different age groups and almost all stages of love, we are sure to find a part we can identify with easily. And the cast is surprisingly great, actors such as Kit Harington, Dev Patel, Andy Garcia, Tina Fey, Olivia Cooke, Christine Milioti, John Slattery and Anne Hathaway, who plays a character suffering from bipolar depression, played the main roles in one of them. The episode .. his relationship with dating, social events, and himself in the manic and depressive phases.

If Love Christine Milioti, a Designed for love We will also include the series in the list. the Made for love Black comedy, so we recommend it only for those who enjoy sexual harassment in a way that is not classic, but more exciting. The series is far from perfect, but it evokes the same feelings as everyone else black mirror– The episode, that is, what we see so often predicts the near future that we almost think that the technology presented in the series may come true.

Thus, the story raises ethical and philosophical questions. For example, how much do we want to become one with the other in love? By 2023, it has become normal for many to physically track their partners through mobile applications, we know almost everything about the other, when, where and with whom. But what happens if the level disappears from this equation?

If we really introduce the line of black humor, a Catherine the Great – Beginnings It should also be added to the list. It’s light and fun, despite all the squalor of the two main characters, the story is very likable, sometimes even downright ridiculous. The story shows the beginning of the reign of Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great, from the moment she carried out a coup against her husband for power. the Catherine the Great – beginnings It’s not a historical series, and it doesn’t follow reality at all, it’s more like a series

It presents a very sick love story.

The protagonists are Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, who have chemistry beyond their high school curriculum. The most exciting element of the series is how the ever-changing relationship between the two characters develops. It also highlights the fact that nothing is black and white. He shows his light to corrupt people, and brings evil out of seemingly positive characters at first. the Catherine the Great – Beginnings It’s really strange in the world of soap operas, we don’t often find anything like it, which is why it’s worth giving it a chance, because you never know what will happen in the next moment, and the alternation of completely human and surreal scenes captures your attention.

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the new girl (New Girl) is a sitcom that didn’t get as much attention as it did How have you met your motheror the uncrowned king (or queen) of that kind, a good friends, but he was meant to fill the void left by his predecessors. It’s also about middle-aged introverts who live in a heap and have nothing but spare time to watch, which they always spend with each other. On the one hand, they are lovable characters that you can hug, and they generate a lot of jokes and funny scenes.

It’s usually a series that makes time fly, you can watch several episodes of it, but it’s also suitable for background play if someone’s mind is into such harmful things as ironing or folding clothes. It ran for five seasons, which is more than enough to round out the month of January with some laughs.