Index - Culture - This is how the Soviets were formed: The first version of the Soviet film The Lord of the Rings appeared

Index – Culture – This is how the Soviets were formed: The first version of the Soviet film The Lord of the Rings appeared

Great success on the Internet In March, Russian Channel 5 discovered the first, 30-year-old version of the cult fictional “Lord of the Rings,” which is believed to be missing.

Only the first part of the two-part production, Hranyiteli (Guardians), has been downloaded from YouTube more than 1.8 million times so far, but the second part has already been viewed by nearly 400,000 people, despite the fact that it is currently only available in Russian. , Without translation.

The TV version of JRR Tolkien’s famous novel, filmed at Leningrad Film Studio, was broadcast on Soviet television only once, on April 13 and 14, 1991. In the Soviet era, the TV movie, which fans of the book made for little money, was found. , On a traditional reel in March and then digitized by Pyatij Kanal.

The TV channel described the discovery as a worldwide sensation because it was the first television portrayal of the novel, although unlike Peter Jackson’s world-successful film trilogy, the Soviet TV version only covered the first part of the story. The writer and director of the Soviet version, Natalia Serebryakova, told Russian media she was ready to follow up.

The director found actors, sets and costumes for the movie version in Leningrad theaters, which were shot without special effects but with apparent fun at the time.

The music of Hranitelli was composed by Andrei Romanov, the leader of the rock band called the Aquarium, who as the narrator also directs the viewer through the plot.

“We played with great enthusiasm at that time,” Actor Valery Gyachenko, who played Frodo the Bag in the production, told Izvesztyija. He also talked about working under very primitive conditions, for example, they only had four horses, which were shown twice to look like eight.

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The current reception of the downloadable TV movie two weeks ago is very mixed. Some viewers praise him as a cultural and historical lousy but delightful, while others lament the inexpensive adaptation in which Gandalf wears neither a hat nor a beard, and the hobbit is shaped by old men.

The Peter Lord of the Rings trilogy, introduced in the early 2000s, generated nearly $ 3 billion in revenue worldwide.

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