Index - Culture - This is how Netflixen became a sensation in the world's big money laundering

Index – Culture – This is how Netflixen became a sensation in the world’s big money laundering

Huge money laundering is one of the most favorite things of Hungarian viewers on Netflix. This interest is well indicated by the fact that even before the return of production with new parts in September, Álex Pina’s work rose to the top ten list of the streaming service provider in Hungary a few weeks ago. However, the latest news is lined up most of the time.

A series of bank robberies has swept the world in recent years, inspired by world stars such as Stephen King or Neymar, who currently plays football on PSG. The Brazilian athlete even appeared in season three wearing the robe of a monk. The red outfit and Dali masks seen in the series became hallmarks of the great money launderer. No wonder clothing stores advertise T-shirts, jackets, and similar production-related products in malls. The Bella ciao …, the most famous Italian vain action song, when you hear it on the radio, everyone automatically thinks of the big money laundering.

People rushed after us, and we felt like Rolling Stones. We thought the world was going crazy. What the hell is going on here?

– GQ magazine quoted series creator Alex Pena.

Small money, big series

In 2016, massive money laundering was just a stray idea in the minds of Spanish producer Alex Pena, who wanted to make something easier after the Vis a Vis streak in a women’s prison. A very interesting but cheap series, it does not bother anyone to record almost everything in the studio.

This is how the idea of ​​La Casa de Papel was born in the creator’s mind, which in Hungarian means The Paper House, which makes sense, because in the first season the main characters break into the Royal Mint of Spain, take hostages and start printing money for themselves . Huge money laundering was exposed in 2017 in Antena 3, and

However, before it could be shown, the viewer smuggled the series on a flash drive to Diego Alavas, a Netflix executive responsible for Spanish and Portuguese original content. The production specialist looked and immediately knew that he had found a hen that laid golden eggs. And because of the good relationship and collaboration between Antena 3 and Netflix, we didn’t have to wait long. Netflix cut the series into shorter episodes to better meet international demands, dubbed Money Heist, and didn’t advertise properly even when the episodes were released in late 2017.

You Can’t Challenge Big Money Laundering on Netflix

For a long time, Big Money was the most watched non-English language Netflix series. Season 3 was created exclusively by the streaming service provider with a bigger budget, with more exciting action scenes than ever before. With 72 million views, the Frenchman ousted Lupine, stealing the great money. Tokyo so far the biggest Stocked for a fifth season, the first half of which was released to 69 million households in the four weeks following its premiere.

Not only the audience loved the series, but the actors as well, Ursula Corbero will be recognized in Tokyo while the world is the world. Thanks to major money laundering, several cast members have also had the opportunity to play in other high-profile productions, including Denver’s Jaime Lorente in another Netflix series, Elite, while Alvaro Morte, the new Amazon Prime wheel master appeared third time in his episode.

Everyone knows about the Spanish series that even in the Battle of Thrones, no character is safe here either. In the parts so far, the audience has had to say goodbye to such personalities as Berlin, Helsinki, Moscow, Nairobi or, more recently, Tokyo.

That’s why everyone is waiting for the last five episodes to be uploaded to Netflix on December 3. Farewell promises to be bittersweet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if, like Butter and the Bridgerton family, Netflix tried to survive and expand Big Money Robbery through a spin-off.

(via GQ, USA Today)

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