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Index – Culture – This is how Leonard Bernstein's children reacted to maestro Bradley Cooper

Index – Culture – This is how Leonard Bernstein's children reacted to maestro Bradley Cooper

Jamie, Alexander and Nina Bernstein spoke positively about the work and also noted that Cooper is very similar to their father, writes Hollywood Reporter.

The film was filmed at the Bernstein family's home in Connecticut, which is a strange experience for the “kids” to watch again on a movie screen. As Nina, the bandleader's daughter, said:

It's a surreal experience, as if you're in your home, but somehow it's not your home, your parents are there, but somehow they're not your parents, it's like a dream.

But something strange also happened when they felt that their parents were younger than them. As 68-year-old Alexander says:

One day during the screening of the film, when we were taking pictures with Bradley and Carrie (Carey Mulligan plays Bernstein's wife in the film – editor), Jamie and I looked at each other and said: This is a very strange family photo, our parents are younger than us!

Bernstein's film had been planned for 15 years. Originally, the project was supposed to be created with Martin Scorsese, and Fred Berner and Amy Durning on board as producers, but implementation was delayed.

All Bernstein's descendants wanted was to be able to read the script and talk to the writer or director who would make it. But then they gave up and were already sure that the film would not be made due to so many delays, then suddenly Steven Spielberg joined the production team and it seemed that he would also get behind the camera. It was also his idea to have Bradley Cooper portray the bandleader. However, the more an actor is involved in the project, the more he feels the story belongs to him.

Jimmy, the first of the brothers to watch A star is bornAnd others, and encouraged others to watch it. Bradley Cooper's attitude convinced them, they liked him, he also involved them in the work, they were able to read all the drafts of the script, and then he showed them the work being done at different stages of the project. He asked them and asked for their opinion.

The three brothers also discuss the “nose scandal” which they believe is ridiculous and completely unimportant. For them, the most important and painful thing was to see the dark moments of their parents' lives on screen again.

Leonard Bernstein's son, Alexander, said: Bradley Cooper and the great leader are very similar, they share the same strength, focus and perfection. According to him, similarly dedicated and charismatic artists, p In addition, they embrace the person in the same way, both full of love, warmth and desire to connect.