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Index – Culture – They sang with Soviet soldiers and also for the French President

Index - Culture - They sang with Soviet soldiers and also for the French President

Mireille Mathieu once said that what matters is a hopeless heart when it comes to singing about joy. This pretty much says it all about one of the most famous singer ambassadors in the chanson genre. Many have said that Edith Piaf, a descendant of the talented little sparrow, is not easy to get past the Piaf phenomenon.

He made this. Mireille Mathew has become an independent phenomenon and artist in the chanson genre, Evergreen, who flies in the world of the 70s and 80s to the present from incredibly distant times.

It is already surprising that Mireille Matthew was not only a role model for Edith Piaf, but also a kind teacher. And although Piaf joined the Accompaniment of Heavenly Choirs in 1963, and Meryl Mathew’s debut album was released in 1966, Home of Avignon (July 22, 1946) proved that the music world can be subverted by rhythm, rock, blues, pop, and some of it. Types on the calendar

Chanson, French, to the heart, coming from the gut, piercing the skin, sweet and sad agonizing and hopeless: eternity.

If anyone sees him on stage, or just listens to the singing with his eyes closed, he immediately understands why he is likened to Piaf – while he likens himself to Piaf in almost anything but stature.

His career began with a song contest in Avignon, and after winning it, his name became known to the country first and then not so slowly thanks to a television show. He visited Hungary for the first time four years ago, due to the fact that although he had more than fifty years of his career, no one invited him to Hungary until 2017. And he gave it to who met him It turns out that he is not only attracted to Hungarians, but the great love of Ferenc Liszt and one of the biggest favorites of the Hungarian wishers. And in the interview, as such, his childhood was punctuated by opera at the same time.

My dad had such a beautiful tone-on-tone voice, and happily he was always strumming some famous beats. I listened to opera recordings at home. As a novice singer, I bothered a lot to learn my Provencal accent.

By the way, languages ​​play an important role in your life. He also loves to sing in the language he performs. He said about himself in several interviews that he sings in nine languages ​​(eleven languages ​​according to other sources), which is also important for him because songs, poems and poems written for them can only give everything that he performs from the bottom of his heart. Hungarian, like Finnish, is a particularly difficult language, but it is not alone.

Many people think of singing chanson, and that this genre, which often has a strong chanson, must be performed in such a way that heart and emotion speak at the same time, and many make the mistake of trying to sing chanson with a full song. Lung, not a bit of a shout. The noisy beast also seduced the young Mireille Mathieu, but thanks to her singing teachers, she was soon able to tame her, developing a hugely impressive performance at a rather young age that will astonish fans of the genre to this day.

Mireille Mathieu celebrates her 75th birthday on July 22, 2021, still with her voice trembling with sadness and eternal hope. She’s the singer who’s not shy about admitting that she’s buzzing in the shower like most people do. But going out on stage is already unprecedented and timeless. His skills and singing personality are respected by the country’s leaders, and it does not bother him if the French president has to sing the French national anthem, or if he has to sing with the Red Army choir, as Nicolas Sarkozy did at the inauguration, or even in the Soviet Union or in the century Twenty one with the soldiers.

A deeply faithful Christian singer, whose fate developed without creating a family, testifies to what Beethoven said: Sing the bell of your soul and sing to the whole world.

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