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Index – Culture – They killed each other's love so they could be together

Index – Culture – They killed each other's love so they could be together

Peter Jeste and Bori Petervi have come up with a new bloody romantic song. The unusual duo have never worked together before, and this song is a great debut as it's a kind of instinctive composition. The singer's vocals fit perfectly with the mainstream sound of one of the country's most famous rappers, and the sass they both exude only serves to strengthen the other.

The real beginning of summer

Although the music for the song is mainly pop, with a successful Smell of Summer, the radio-friendly sound characteristic of Peter Gizzetti and a somewhat abstract feel reminiscent of Bori Peterffy generate the definitive final result. There's no great musical innovation in the track, but it fully fulfills its purpose of exploring the theme of love dependence while being a dance song that kicks off summer.

It's hard to let go

A music video was also produced for the song paying tribute to the work of LeHo Legacy. The absurd story, peppered with sharp contrasts and playful elements, begins as a crime story that, although it portends twists and turns, nevertheless does not lose its entertaining character.

I am very happy that a joint song with Bori was born, because I have always loved her female character, which is vampiric, sexy, sassy and sensitive at the same time. We had never worked together before, perhaps because we took different paths in music and theatre. I love that the song itself evokes today and the past at the same time. I love that it has multiple layers to its meaning, and that it conveys how difficult it can sometimes be to rely on another person, and yet how happy it can be to connect.

– Peter Gezti is quoted in the advertisement sent to us. Puri Petervi says:

I loved that this song brought an acting direction. I must see before me a situation, a character that I can cling to. I may also have a little Stockholm Syndrome – as the song says – because I have a hard time letting go of certain things in my life. I thought of that word a few days before Peter approached me with this song, and I take it as a sign. Our pairing is just weird enough to be interesting, and that's all that matters.

In addition to composing, Peter Gizetti is preparing to celebrate his 60th birthday, which means a huge show, more than half a year late. On January 25, 2025, he will perform on the most important stages of his career, Rapulők, Jazz+Az or Gringo Sztár, at the Budapest Arena. It is not yet known whether the new song will be performed as well.