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Index – Culture – There is no longer a terrible series on Netflix

Index - Culture - There is no longer a terrible series on Netflix

insatiable It caused a scandal at the time even before it was shown, with people being horribly angry after watching the first trailer for the American comedy series included in our article below. So much so that it is so popular, that hundreds of thousands of viewers have signed on to it Online petition He sued, claiming that the production should never be shown.

The story of the series revolves around a girl named Patti, who is constantly bullied at school because of her obesity. Debbie Ryan, who played the character, was masked and stuffed with clothes to make her look fat. Let’s say the actress didn’t have to move like that much in front of the cameras, because … insatiable The first big development is that the main character gets into a fight with a homeless person, after which he cannot eat properly for several months.

The final result? Fati Patti, as she is bullied in the series, loses weight, becomes a model, and suddenly becomes more accepted by everyone. Of course, the transformation isn’t easy, especially the mental part, because Patti is still feeling bloated inside and constantly convulsing to prove to the outside world that she isn’t anymore. She is not fat, she deserves the love of others now.

One thing is for sure, insatiable Not for everyone. It’s a shockingly awful series, sometimes close to a quest for influence. The creators bravely decided to emulate socially sensitive issues. If someone wants a politically correct string, don’t do it insatiablet, but anyone else can find the Netflix series insanely entertaining.

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Not only does the production make fun of obesity, but there’s also the character of Bob Armstrong Jr. (Dallas Roberts), who turns young girls into beauty queens, until he is accused of pedophilia. We’ll give a little spoiler, he’ll be the one who runs into Patty, played by Debbie Ryan, and together they decide to take revenge on the world…even if one or two people die in it. It’s also funny that Patty’s best friend, Nonnie (Kimmy Shields), is clearly not heterosexual, as she undoubtedly drools over the protagonist. For this reason, viewers and critics are also panicked that the writers have been mocking the LGBTQ topic and using it as a vulgar for so long.

The supporting characters are equally crazy, Patty’s mother is secretly dating a teenage boy, and Coralie, played by Alyssa Milano, yearns for a completely different life and leaves her lost husband behind. It’s an experience to see the actress this time, she looks good witches witches His ex-Milan star jokes that he should forget to say yes to such serious films unidentified It was a talk on Netflix, which we could hardly watch, that was really bad.

At first glance, many people would be inclined to think that the Netflix comedy, which ran for two seasons, is crap. Don’t be fooled by the opera’s almost lighter tone. Technically, they are insatiableClever solutions in Here we think, for example, of the narrative, where many characters think out loud for themselves, which makes them more diverse and loving. It is true that the playing time is very long, and it was better insatiableThe thirty-minute format, which we can rightfully accuse the book of letting the series lose a lot in some places.

However, the big game (for us) is still ridiculously entertaining.

The inevitable question that may still torment those reading the lines above is whether the series really makes fun of fat people. Yes and no. At first it might seem that the creator’s goal was really just to put some kind of lollipop on the table of Netflix viewers for people to eat. But that is not the issue. If you watched more than three episodes insatiableWho, realize that there is a lot of meaning and something to be said behind frosting.

The model, Lauren Gussis, also used her own experiences when creating the production, and Debbie Ryan, who played the main character, was clearly sensitive to the role and, according to her own admission, listened to the body positive podcast so she could. He could better sympathize with Patty’s situation.

It must be added to all this that it is clearly a satire, which generally laughs at the world of beauty pageants, the shallowness of American society and the fact that we are so useless in the 21st century. A century, and we are shouted from everywhere to accept that everyone, in fact, we are still there, that people will shun anyone who differs even a little from the mores in their heads.

The lesson is that extra weight here or there doesn’t depend on whether someone is a likable character or how much the scale shows. He explains it to us subtly, but sometimes with overwhelming tools in his hands insatiable.

insatiable All episodes are available on Netflix.

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