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Index – Culture – The season begins on the Romanian coast!

Index – Culture – The season begins on the Romanian coast!

Római-part has been a legendary venue in Budapest for decades, and those who want to relax can find an atmosphere here unlike anywhere else. Many of the old houseboats are still in use today, so you can paddle, bike, walk your dog, and even take a shower in one section, enjoying the almost undisturbed natural environment that characterizes the banks of the Danube anywhere else in the capital. And while we’re there, let’s stop by Evezős Sörkert for fried fish or pancakes.

Standing turquoise boats cut half of the Rowing Beer Garden’s line, inviting pedestrians from afar to enjoy something from their amphitheater ‘buffet’ under the sun’s sails. Evez brings the vibe of a relaxed beach dining spot and a more serious restaurant at the same time: after ordering at the window, we can sit on the spacious, comfortable terrace and wait for our name to be announced over the loudspeaker because our dish is ready. And when we receive a delicious fish soup, fish basket or fried trout on a tray, no one will look away even if we start pinching the fish with our hands.

Rowing atmosphere

The history of Evis began in 1983, when Lagos Farkas rented a brick building from the state, after which he built the current restaurant and beer garden on its site. Over the years, the place has always delivered the same reliable quality. It is no exaggeration to say that in the past four decades, Evezs Sörkert has become a concept among Budapest residents, because of its proximity to the Danube, you can see it from the panoramic garden area, and the old trees still provide shelter even in the heat.

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In 2017, the Farkas family decided that after more than 30 years in operation, it was time to rest and hand the baton to an operator who would respect and follow tradition. This is how they got in touch with the Eventrend Group, and then an agreement was reached between them.

The new operators have kept the building in its traditional forms, but it was important for them to create a fun, friendly, colorful and comfortable space for guests where people are happy to sit down even if they come for a drink and even if you are traditional and want more special dishes. The colorful furniture was complemented by plenty of green plants, enhancing the feeling of closeness to nature that the beach offers. Besides the trees, they made the guest area more comfortable with sun sails and other shades.

Basket of fish under the sun sails

The iconic restaurant, which has been operating on the Római coast for forty years, is a meeting place for families, friends and cyclists. Evez welcomes guests with a high-quality presentation, home-made flavors and a friendly environment, where they can relax, chat and have a drink in a beautiful and calm environment, forgetting about their daily troubles. On the menu we found old and new favorites, as well as classic beach dishes and desserts, there are also dishes that keep pace with the changing trends.

For forty years now, fish dishes have dominated the show. They still sell most of the hake, but their popular dishes include trout soup, salmon and perch. The fish offer has been expanded with real specialties: seafood delicacies such as crab in tempura or calamari frites are freshly prepared based on their own recipe. For those who want to try a variety of dishes, we recommend the Evis Fish Basket, which will definitely not disappoint with its variety of fish, shrimp and homemade sauces.

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If you don’t feel like eating fish, you can choose fresh salad, chicken, or as a side dish, classic fried potatoes or sweet potato wedges. The choice of dessert is also constantly expanding, for example, in addition to the world famous pancakes, curd dumplings were presented this year, which instantly became a crowd favorite.

Long drinks and live music

The range of drinks is also changing and expanding. This year, guests can actually sample small-batch beers and real delicacies in addition to the excellent flavors of a traditional full-scale brewery. The range of wines has been updated, more and more light summer liqueurs and long drinks are being offered, and the choice in the premium segment has also been expanded. But of course there is also homemade lemonade and syrup.

Avezős isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the coast, but it doesn’t want to be. High quality, space for guests with a unique atmosphere, friendly but prompt service is important for them – the prices reflect this concept, and in terms of value for money, Avezős is definitely a good choice.

Music – preferably live music – has always been, and always will be, an important part of Ives’ music. They want to present various musical performances, from the pop songs of the past decades to the Latin line to the sound of jazz, and they are trying to involve more and more young artists in the program. The old parties will not go away either, you can still dance to these tunes once a month during the summer, because this has a long tradition in Evzős, where the motto of the Eventrend Group can also be seen in action: every moment counts! This is true even if we want to have a friendly chat, even if we want a romantic program, and even if we want accessible family entertainment.

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Eventtrend group

Eventrend Group has more than three decades of experience in operating cafes, restaurants, hotels and organizing events. The company group currently owns 31 projects and employs about 800 employees. The Eventrend group belongs to nearly two dozen gastronomic companies, including Gundel Étterem, New York Kávéház, Centrál Kávéház, Spoon the Boat, Főőrség Kávéház, Városliget Café, Séf Asztala, Symbol, Groupama Aréna or Müpa sale 79 unique event rooms in 24 event venues in Budapest. They are currently present in Hungary and the Czech Republic in the hospitality business.

This sponsored editorial content has been created in collaboration with the Eventrend Group.