Index - Culture - The Opera House sees an artistic debate, but it answers in ten points

Index – Culture – The Opera House sees an artistic debate, but it answers in ten points 16:05

Did the Hungarian State Opera send a message to our editorial office, where the leaders of country music are the countryside versus the capital? Capital and countryside! responds to your response.

The interesting thing about the case is that the directors of country music at the Hungarian Opera House, Szilveszter Ókovács About the opera performance of a cow neighbor, or the countryside versus the capital They responded to an open letter published in Origo. Moreover, precisely because they will have a dialogue, even in a forum, with the State Commissioner of the Hungarian State Opera about how the countryside and the capital can cooperate and how they can help each other’s work so that opera performances outside the capital can continue.

But they said that the dialogue did not take place and that private correspondence was launched:

From one letter to the next, comment on the message now.

Date You can read here Indicator The ball stands because of an open letter from the opera director In his article, in which the leaders of country music also complain that, after the decision of the general director of the opera, there was simply no singer invited to every role in opera performances of country theaters.

Ten Points for Country Music Leaders

As the index wrote, the student is a document issued by an institution or singer to the relevant secretariat. There, they examine whether the artist in question can be released to rehearsals in another theater during the probationary period at that theater, and thus “ask” a particular artist. and then Selected theaters they agreed.

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The Hungarian State Opera sent its responses to the letter of the rural leaders in ten points, which we now publish unchanged:

  1. Contracted private singers can still obtain a general manager’s license to miss a rehearsal, but this can only be granted in exceptional cases, as doing so will damage the opera.
  2. If there is no day of rehearsal or performance at the opera, then the singer still begins with her free time, whatever and wherever she wants.
  3. Oprah has a contract with 110 Hungarian singers, not 140. Almost half of them are artists for more than half a season, so in essence, about half of the Hungarian singing potential remains free.
  4. In mid-October, a meeting was held with the directors of the five country opera houses at the Eiffel Opera Workshop, at which the institution answered all the questions. (The Opera Forum has been held three times in the past decade in opera theaters with the participation of country leaders.)
  5. Private singers are entrepreneurs, who enter into contracts of their own free will, and none of them took advantage of Oprah’s November termination option.
  6. Opera has offered busy and free periods to its contract singers and will be extending the practice for weeks to come over the next two seasons, as promised as a voluntary commitment to matchmaking.
  7. If rural departments are willing to plan ahead with this council in mind and don’t insist on artists already committed to opera during the inauspicious period, they can also dissolve their own shows.
  8. The singer’s contract with the opera is binding on both parties, but as another gesture, the institution will once again allow the contract to be withdrawn or amended without any legal consequences until January 23, 2022, if the artist wishes to sing elsewhere instead of in the opera. . (We will keep the press informed of the number of possible exits, regardless of the natural number.)
  9. After releasing the bus slates for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons, Opera is expected to launch a review workshop with country opera departments in late January, provided that both the prose directors and the music directors participate. Slippery information to be avoided.
  10. For its part, the Hungarian Opera considers that a work of art created for an unknown purpose but at the expense of high energy will be closed.
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(Cover Photo: Hungarian State Opera House 2018. Photo: Imre Faludi/MTI)

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