Index - Culture - The new Netflix series is tougher than South Park

Index – Culture – The new Netflix series is tougher than South Park

The good thing about Netflix is ​​that online video storage never discriminates. They give a starving South Korean writer a chance to realize his dream. They rescue a series of Spanish bank robbers that everyone has already abandoned and made quite a sensation. They adapt one of the world’s most famous video games for television and write high-quality dramas about the characters they’ve already experienced that even those who have never taken a console in their hands in their lives will be seated.

However, there are also titles compared to this that the vast majority unfortunately do not notice. And I deserve your attention. These include along the dotted line (Tear along the dotted line), a new animated series featuring throat clamp Italian comic strip. The 6-part production is written by Zerocalcare, the author of the handbook published in Hungary, as writer and director.

The end result also shows that it is a love project.

The story is based on the autobiography, starring Zerocalcare himself, a comic book maker who lives in Rome and does not succeed in society. The man, who wears a black shirt all the time with a skull head, has three and a half friends, snow-mad Secco, and the sometimes unbearable Sarah and Alice, with whom you have a relationship between Zero and without you. The production tells the story of their daily life as a tattoo (other than Christmas) of an imaginary friend of Zero, with a horrified head, trying to give advice about his life to the creator of the Unviable.

a South Park Because we have not seen a series that boldly put a curved mirror in front of modern society. Sometimes he’s almost as rude as everyone finds out along the dotted lineBut that’s exactly why the Zerocalcare series is so amazing. Right in the demo section

And the season does not take a moment to say this ironic. At first, this is probably why it is difficult to participate in the series, because that is the only way the word comes from the protagonist, and if someone is watching Netflix novelty with an original Italian voice, they will have to quickly read the script . In retrospect, the pace slows down a bit, and despite popular culture references (Star Wars, Mad Max, etc.) along the dotted line It unexpectedly turns into something serious and concludes with a lesson that really hits our throats.

along the dotted line In terms of vision, a little Hey Arnold!Reminiscent of, the graphic style well supports storytelling that fits with the animation. The title track is a five-star, as it adds to the mood with most entries. This series comes together so nicely, we don’t mind being teased in just an hour and a half.

Standing out from the new Italian series on Netflix, one feels a little more like it did before sitting in front of the screen. The ending won’t leave many question marks, so we wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t a sequel. Of course, it can be resolved, as the first season also appeared mostly in life visuals, starring the Zeros. And this can be repeated as many times as possible, but don’t make the story flat like South Parkban, A man who loves family lifeAnd the like, the limitless satirical animated series.

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We wrote the name Zerocalcare for ourselves, along the dotted line He laughed at first and made us emotional wrecks at the end and gave us an experience like no other. And often, even a live event chain isn’t capable of that.

It’s available on Netflix with Hungarian subtitles along the dotted line.

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