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BBC and HBO Max co-produced the tourist A 6-part series, the luckiest can see it already in January. The production reached us only on the 21st of April with a big drop. The passWe could easily bake that this is the most exciting and perhaps the most mysterious thriller of recent years, which hits the horses mercilessly at first: it only takes five minutes and the cold runner was already on our backs.

The protagonist of the story is a tired man who drives through the arid Australian wilderness until an aggressive trucker drives him off the road. The man played by Jamie Dornan recovers in the hospital, where nurses and rookie cop Helen (Daniel MacDonald) unsuccessfully ask who she is, a ground squirrel. The stranger suffers from severe amnesia, has no idea where to call him or why he speaks with an Irish accent. Well, the answer to the last question seems very straightforward.

However, in all other respects, the transit is terribly mystical. Of course, in his own way.

The hero of the series at the beginning is like a blank sheet of paper written before our eyes full and full of character, a past of makers. The arid Australian landscapes provide a very frustrating backdrop for self-discovery, pass It turns out that his protagonist is not as good a boy as he thinks. We will not say more about this, it is really better who knows almost nothing about the plot and immerses himself in this cruel world along with the character of Dornan.

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Jamie Dornan gives a great performance passPerhaps the best of his life. Which is why it’s so surprising that Danielle MacDonald, who plays the slightly over-hospitable detective, green-eared Helen, sometimes steals the show. The protagonist’s guard would have been screaming at Bilma Nixon, the phenomenon of some phenomena, American cowboy Alvor Dare Olafson, if we met him live, and even the goodwill of the series, Shalom Bron-Franklin, is not only on screen, he also has an amazing amount of butter stashed away.

In spite of pass The plot of his novel spins well, and the great visions are well drawn: the name of the protagonist and the first details of his past must be waited for precisely until the end of the second episode. Until then, there is no idle …

The creators dispel the tension on pharmacy scales, which are more and more handcuffed in front of the TV as the season progresses.

One of the big flaws with this type of thriller is that it’s about women who are agoraphobia and addicted all the time… which is why there was such a great need passIt brings a similar modern male fever full of horrible characters, horrible twists, and a place that at first glance seems so alluring, but we end up getting so nervous that he shouldn’t have a free flight to Australia afterwards.

If we’re anything like that, it’s clearly foreign currency Fargo come to mind pass Seeing, here is only sand instead of snow. Suppose burying someone living under either of the two can be equally inconvenient. So, yes, there is a lot of cruelty in the HBO Max series, but we don’t mind. The genre really missed something coming that would shake up stagnant water. The passLet this feat meet, sit in front of it and watch it quickly, we don’t think anyone will regret it. It’s easy to slip in and thank with a few rhythmic turns of confidence. Plus, a new season is on its way. Oleg. we are waiting. (8/10)

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HBO Max is available with Transit text in Hungarian.

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