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Index – Culture – The legendary rock club of Copania has also been demolished

Index - Culture - The legendary rock club of Copania has also been demolished

After Dürer Park, another popular and upscale concert venue in Budapest will be demolished later this year. The former Josefina Blues Belle Rock penthouse, operating at the bottom of the family home at 97 Kerepesi t, will also be under selection. The final decision on the destruction of Kobanía nightclub and the house it housed was made on April 14th of last year by the Ministry of Construction and Heritage Protection in the relevant government office.

The family-friendly concert venue in Copania was established in 1998 by musician Giorgi Panayi, who prior to his career in hospitality had been a drummer for a formation called Tepertő Rt. The musician, also known as Túró, told Music Magazine at the time one year after opening:

The name Josefina is inspired by a member of a friendly Spanish couple. The name Blues Bell was required for the live music venue because, based on the first name, the Hungarian had only guessed a hot bubble behind the venue, another offshoot of the same business. (…) We first worked as a garden room, then we built the garden with carpentry technique, it became a winter main building and two outdoor buildings with insulated walls, so it sounds good. My favorite acacia tree also remained in the Makovitch style.

The concert venue is equipped with a hot kitchen, and it has quickly become the center of rock and blues music nightlife in the capital. Laszlo Hobo Fuldes, also known as the ground sea bear, performs here on a monthly basis. With both hands, he looked at the sky and answered:

Lacikam, I think I’d shower with a little bit of juicy duck soup.

Almost all representatives of the cult “Hungarian rock” performed on the Josefina stage. In addition to Captain Hobó and Bill, P. Mobil introduced life to Aunt Babolcsai in the 10th district, among other things, Bikini introduced adjacent venues, and here he hated the entire XX. Beatrice and Tamas Takats broke his new muddy shoe in vain, Istvan Vorus and Prognosis did not regret their time here, as Estefan Yanisak and Zai Labor took care of their women from Verisigihaza. The star of the Hell Machine, Joseph Kalapax, often performed on stage with his vocal numbers. It is said that the first song in the country, written by four rock musicians (Miklos Varga, Gyula Vikidal, Giula Diak Bell, and Peter Toniuji), was written here on Kiribisi in memory of guitarist Samo Pencik, who also died suspiciously in an Austrian camp, the hugely successful song Green Purple and black. “

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The lives of two artists were closely connected with the concert venue in Copania. When P. Mobil embarked on a national tour with its former singer, Péter Tunyogi, in 2008 with his lineup in 1981-1983, they also performed here at his request, as the performer set up this bar in the capital.

To your favorite club.

However, the singer became so ill during the concert due to his battery’s alcohol problems that he had to immediately blow up the performance and call an ambulance to Tenor. Despite what happened, the band did not want to boycott their series of shows, so in a few days they were preparing to perform again, but already at Rocktogon’s formerly forgotten place on Mozsár Street. Tonio got dizzy again, lost his balance, and crashed on steep steps in the nightclub. The attacker sustained severe head injuries during the fall that doctors were unable to save his life despite repeated surgeries. The artist left neighborhood classes at the age of 61.

Another famous musician, whose longest life can be traced back to Josefina, was the great Vero, who received the Kossuth Prize in March of this year for his work. Since 2006, “Cockroach of the Nation” has organized a monthly party series called the Spring Thunder Rock Campaign, which was supplemented in February 2010 with the traditional Winter Farewell Festival of Stick and Rock and the Keyboard and Guitar Festival at the request of the owner.

The singer, who has progressed from a cockroach to an artist for the nation, took another level in 2015 and also blew his past evocative series. The first guest at the Ferro Show was László Velorex, a rock man from Waszlawik Gazember, who was a puppet at the birth of the commission and later also worked for Beatrice. He was followed on stage by Kerepesi It by István efzámbó, a commando and extravagant musician, painter of the most artistic genre, unassailable anywhere else.

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For financial reasons, the rocky shed, which boasts a history spanning nearly 20 years, closed around 2016. György Bányai, known as Tró, sold his property, which his new owner has now ordered to demolish. With plans for Géza Schleif, delivered in 1931, the two-room family home with access to the park disappears not only as one of the idol centers in Hungarian rock history, but also as a result of building auto dealers and DIY stores in the area. To the dust of peace.

(Cover photo: Josephina’s Blues Bell rock club. Photo: Google Street)

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