Index - Culture - The hole will be the location of the confused seagull on Kiraly Street

Index – Culture – The hole will be the location of the confused seagull on Kiraly Street

Architect Ákos Filep created the first Pit Club in two thousand places on the site of the National Theatre, Erzsébet Square, which was moved to the other half of the city. For ten years, the Pest Cultural Center, a community space and concert venue at the Pit National site, has provided music, exhibitions, performances, dance performances, civic initiatives, thematic festivals, and all the arts—all without government subsidies. Ten years later Togo It was, the others wanted a different hole.

The original Pit community remained together somewhat, and temporarily moved to the Venetian Lagoon due to his depression. This was the Gödör camping festival in Agard, and since autumn the story has continued in the new place, on the Király utca side near Deák tér.

a Second Gödör found a place in a large complex of buildings, where concerts, exhibitions, theater and other city programs continued in the spaces between shops, apartments, and offices.

It lasted for five years, in 2019 they had to move from here too.

However, the passion for digging has not disappeared yet. Architect-event organizer-waiter Ákos Filep found a tender for the use of a building collapsing at 50 Király utca. In 2013 the dilapidated building behind nailed doors succeeded in driving out the authorities’ slightly dilapidated, independent and progressive art center, which has been operating there since 2006 and is also home to independent theaters called Sirály.

a seagull The ruin was taken away, but the ruin remained. This was applied for in 2019 by the unwavering Filep, and to his greatest surprise, he earned the right to work. Apparently, the success was also due to the fact that other applicants did not believe in the profitability of doing business in the formerly dilapidated building of Heald.

Philip, as an architect and chronic founder, saw this differently. Holds a ten-year lease – with the capital responsible for the relevant parts of the building as co-owner and VI. The neighborhood was also completed – renovated what it needs and from the fall

There will be a Pit Club on Király Street again.

At the opening ceremony, Tamas Jordan recounted that his younger brother had been playing basketball with Ákos, but their relationship became more personal when the architect helped arrange some spaces of the former Merlin Theater. Subsequently, he also asked Filep to rebuild the Weöres Sándor Theater in Szombathely. The theater was founded by Tamas Jordan and operated from 2007 to January 31, 2021 under his management.

When we asked Tamás Jordán about his additional plans, he said he’d be a frequent performer at the Pit Club as well. Honorary host. He has only one condition: he is only ready to perform works by contemporary authors.

He also mentioned three of his favorite authors who accurately expressed the concerns of the day: Plato, Andre Addy, and Attila Joseph.

About what he thinks of the changes currently taking place in theatrical life, he said he finds them all confusing. He is surprised, shocked, and no longer surprised by anything. He is ready for everything, nothing comes unexpectedly, everything is possible. What’s going on is terrible, there is a fire in the forest that he knows is running away, he is helping the firefighters.

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Whenever possible, Socrates’ defense letter tells – you do not want to get rich, do not care about morals and internal values.

When asked if he will be twenty years old, he will reduce the foundation of the theatre, he said yes without thinking.

If I were twenty years younger, I would have demanded that Merlin Theater be arranged quickly and given to me again. There are now lengthy discussions on this topic, but even the concept has not been defined.

He then presented some agonizing and timely excerpts from Socrates’ defense speech and then from the press of Adi Indri with incredible energy and experience to those assembled.

So the new club is sure to feature theatre, contemporary art, concerts, shows, film club, literature and environment. The third hole is where one finds ideas and can even have fun in the meantime.

All this from the fall, until the second half of August, the Gödör Camp Festival at Diszel Palace in the Balaton Uplands. Musicians of Judor – Janos Brody, Puri Rottkai, Anima Sound System, Velmus Grealus, Eve Zambo Happy Dead Band, Europe Publishing, Pal Street Boys, Mihaly Fig and Lake Balaton, Peter Muller Szyami with Case, Friends and the Control Group, De Ajiac Pardos Lacy .

At the event announcing the venue for the reopening and festival, the Siamese – who happened to be on all three hole punches – played with two members of the Romano Drome. Janos Brody sang and played guitar, quietly protesting the “Mariana Trench” that divides society. Ági Bárdos Deák also sang an evergreen song, then tuned in with János Térey, and finally Mihály Víg arrived. He began by reworking Elijah’s old number, with a slight modification to Brody’s chorus, which Tell me you don’t believe it She wrote for the song at the time, “I love shooters, created by my imagination, and living in me, telling me I can’t believe it.”

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Then he sang a poem by Andrei Ade called The People of Heat.

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