Index - Economics - Brexit could discourage Hungarian students from continuing their studies in the United Kingdom

Index – Culture – The history of Budapest can now be read in English

Going forward, the PestBuda electronic magazine of the city’s history will also be published in English Available from the website.

The magazine’s editorial office said the site wanted to provide meaningful knowledge of foreigners, diplomats, college students studying here, students studying here and Hungarian-speaking grandchildren of families who went abroad decades ago.

An online cultural magazine created in 2016

It provides information on Budapest’s past, its unique architectural and natural heritage, cultural history and traditions, and the lives of its inhabitants, past and present.

With the launch of the English version, the editorial office wants to satisfy the curiosity of those interested in Budapest.

10-15 percent of readers open their articles across borders. Currently, most foreign readers live in the United States, followed by Germany, Romania and England. is not a tourist post, nor does it contain program recommendations, restaurant reviews and advertisements, it is intended for those who want to get to know the city more deeply and through it who would like to obtain as much information as possible about Hungarian culture and the Hungarian past.

The city history journal was founded and published by Latuatar Chiado.

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