Index - Culture - The famous emergency sister turned down an offer of $ 27 million

Index – Culture – The famous emergency sister turned down an offer of $ 27 million

The autobiography of actress Juliana Margolis who rose to fame in the series Emergency, was recently published in Hungarian, Sunsugárlany. On this occasion, I interviewed the former impersonator of Sister Carol Hathaway.

When Juliana was asked if she was able to leave her work on the set, she replied that she did not always succeed. After filming where he had to comfort a little girl left in the hospital, the candle holder actually broke. As he said, it was then that he knew he shouldn’t carry with him the feelings of the role he played in the series.

However, six years later, the actress rejected the producers’ $27 million offer and decided that she no longer wanted the role of a nurse. Talking about what happened, he only spoke about it with George Clooney, who was also no longer on the series at that time, and he told him:

I’m so proud of you, it was crazy. Because I really felt hot and cold in the media, but George calmed me down. Believe me, it will pass, consolation.

He was working in Guparatok district

The biography also revealed that the emergency team worked in the Jóbarátok neighborhood, so the actors met several times. The actress said they had no idea how big things were and how big the two series were.

Before her film career, Juliana Margulies worked as a waitress in one of the best restaurants in Manhattan, where she met many famous actors. According to his confession, he received the biggest tip from film director Joel Schumacher, because the guy handed him $100 after dinner. He emphasized at the same time: there was no shortage of humiliating experiences during the time spent in hospitality.

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The actress is currently making waves in America on abortion law He also expressed his opinion. She said that although her father did not approve of abortion, she always believed that every woman had the right to decide.

I’m so angry because I live in a country that refuses to get rid of automatic weapons, AR-15s, while the hypocritical talk is that they do what they do to protect the fetus, but they really make a lot about what happens, when the baby is born

– Actress quotes RTL.huAdding: In his opinion, religious fanatics have penetrated the decision-makers, but he is convinced that the decision can be changed by voting.

(Cover Photo: Juliana Margolis On September 8, 2021. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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