Index - Culture - The failure of a private investigator to spy on a couple of princes

Index – Culture – The failure of a private investigator to spy on a couple of princes

The main profile of a community funded agency called Byline Investigates is revealing illegal tactics of grassroots journalism that are not covered in the mainstream media. The agency report blamed it the sun He hired an American detective who collected classified information about Meghan Markle, her parents, family members, business associates, and ex-husband Trevor Engelson.

The site revealed that the tabloid had hired a private detective in October 2016 after it was revealed that Meghan was already dating Prince Harry. Addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, license plate information – these are just a few of what the investigator searched. (The tabloid received a bill of $ 2,055 from the specialist …)

Shortly after the sun Upon receiving the 90-page document, he had already leaked the first installment of the thriller: An Exchange of Markle’s Messages. Already in November 2016 with Megan’s half-brother, Samanthával He also gave an interview to the newspaper.

The spokesperson for the princely couple is A. BAZAAR.comHarry and Meghan were so grateful that the tabloid process in the tabloid finally came out.

Today the Prince and Princess feel he is a milestone in both the media and society. The report, which summarizes the findings of the study, shows that similar practices that violate privacy rights continue to this day, causing countless and irreversible damage to life and family relationships. The couple express their gratitude to the media professionals who truly represent meaningful journalism. This is needed now more than ever.

The fall of the veil

And the infamous detective is none other than Daniel “Dano” Portley Hanks, who A. New York times According to his report, he has worked as an outsider and is currently accused of piracy the sun . Portley-Hanks has admitted violating the law by tracking and passing on personal information.

The sun sent me a letter that I had to sign. It meant I shouldn’t have to resort to any illegal method. Then the reporters came and told me that if I wanted to work I would continue what I started.

He added that he regretted his actions and was willing to speak with the lawyer for the princely couple in order to ease his conscience.

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Newspapers, the news group, the ambiguous a the sun According to the publisher, the document that the investigator signed did not demand an investigation into the Social Security number and did not plan to misuse the data, in fact the investigator was not encouraged to violate the law, as the tabloid newspaper operates according to a strict protocol. Yes, but the publisher, formerly known as News International, has been involved in a number of scandals over the past three decades, and many cases have yet to be resolved.

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