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Index – Culture – The Bödőcs character was taken to the stage by Szabolcs Thúróczy

Index - Culture - The Bödőcs character was taken to the stage by Szabolcs Thúróczy

The author has repeatedly stated that “Oszkár Thuróczy speaks in his own voice,” as the protagonist introduces in his Meg se? His dream came true this week, because in 6 Colors, the same pub song was presented with air, lots of laughter and crying. Familiar and at times scratchy, Oszkár’s nostalgic, poetic world emerged under the direction of Tamás Keresztes. Thus Bödőcs raised the selection of the appropriate actor.

Slowly for two decades, Szabolcs Thuróczy has been taking care of Béla Pintér’s plays in his genius: organic, natural, organic! Over the years, he accepted friendship too. When I first took him to the pub in Búcsúszentlászló, it took twenty minutes for him to become an authentic representative of the colorful area.

“He played pool with local construction workers for a long time, and they didn’t even notice that it was weird. Then she wrote half of a pub novel and it’s now used to make a monodrama starring the Szabolcs. Tamas Kierichts, our excellent actor, by the way Gogol: The dazzling performer of crazy memoirs is the play director. Humorist “The laws of great drama will be enforced by the great Eva Ennedi at a high level.”

The next show of his piece will be on July 9th, tonight at Érd In the garden of the Hungarian Geographical Museum. Then On July 17, the pub’s tunes will be broadcast at the Csukás Theater in Balatonszárszó.

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